Naxos America To Distribute Berlin Philharmonic Direct to Disc LP Box Set

The Berlin Philharmonic's Direct-to-Disk Four Brahms Symphony box set currently available for purchase on the orchestra's website store will also be available for purchase in America beginning January 27th, 2017 on the website of Naxos USA.

This will make it easier for Americans to purchase the set, copies of which are still available.

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At least in the printed copy is an interesting article about it.

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Also available in Europe from :)

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I think it's better than Mike said it was!

Two thumbs up.

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This is hopefully going to make things much less painful than ordering directly from Germany. We had the absolute WORST ordering experience trying to buy this from the Berlin Phil website.

Order was placed in November, that first order never made it out of customs in Germany.

They finally refunded us after New Years, so we tried again. The box just showed up yesterday, completely destroyed from water damage. 3.5 months later, still no box set.

Never ordering directly from their website ever again.

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That's unfortunate, I've received this set and another package from them in Calif fine with no apparent hiccups or damage, though the shipping from Germany took a few weeks.

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Gee, it doesn't seem possible to buy anything on the Naxos USA website, not just the Brahms set in question. Any advice, anyone?

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however it is already out of stock.