Neil Young's New Official Bootleg Series Debuts With Fabled 1970 Carnegie Hall Debut

Shakey Pictures Records and Reprise Records announced today The Neil Young Official Bootleg Series, which will commence with an official release of Neil's legendary December 4th, 1970 Carnegie Hall debut show available now for pre-order at The Greedy Hand Store at Neil Young Archives. A bootlegged version of the later midnight show helped make the evening among Neil's most fabled appearances, but according to the press release the earlier show, not captured by bootleggers, was the better one.

Young was ready for the show with a multi-track analog tape recorder running throughout. The tapes were recently mixed by "The Volume Dealers" (Neil and Niko Bolas) we hope to 2 track analog tape. The set included 23 Young faves featuring greats from his Buffalo Springfield days and first few solo records plus others that had not yet been studio recorded and released :

1) Down by the River
2) Cinnamon Girl
3)I Am a Child
4) Expecting To Fly
5) The Loner
6) Wonderin'
7) Helpless
8) Southern Man
9) Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
10) Sugar Mountain
11) On The Way Home
12) Tell Me Why
13) Only Love Can Break Your Heart 14) Old Man
15) After the Gold Rush
16) Flying on the Ground Is Wrong
17) Cowgirl in the Sand
18) Don't Let it Bring You Down
20) Bad Fog of Loneliness
21) Ohio
22) See the Sky About to Rain
23) Dance Dance Dance

The album will be release 10/1/2021 on double LP ($34.98). The pre-order "bundle" includes the double LP, a hi-res redemption code delivered via email on 10/1, "Cowgirl in the Sand" hi-res download available today (8/20) and "See the Sky About to Rain" hi res digital download delivered 9/24 via email.

Niko Bolas called me a while back asking if I thought releasing this bootleg series (more titles to be announced soon) on under 180g vinyl would be okay and I answered "yes", so if that pisses you off, I'll take some of the blame. In fact, I'll take all of it!

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Is this a solo acoustic show?

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"Young played solo acoustic shows at Carnegie Hall on December 4th and December 5th..."

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Whoops! Thanks for this.

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I actually have a copy of the original bootleg. It was quite a show. He was scolding the audience for making too much noise for such a fine concert hall and threatend to turn off his amp and play live acoustic for real. Classic Neil Young

Tom L's picture all the steps of production, the weight of the LPs is pretty much immaterial.

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But charge em as if it's 180 gram anyway!

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...for the limited edition being pressed on four flexidiscs attached to the backs of Cap'n Crunch boxes. I believe you have to buy all four flavors to get the complete set but of the music is good I'll risk the tooth decay.

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i don’t think 180 gram vinyl makes all recordings sound better. no buying this one , but waiting to see what else neil has in store for this series , and not being on 180 gram vinyl is by no means a deal breaker.

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Can't wait till it's available.

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Cowgirl in the Sand is up - you might want to listen before you buy.
Kinda mehhhh to me

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I don't think you can judge the sound of a AAA vinyl record from a stream haha

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Just received my copy today, gotta love the front cover,"The only good Record is a Flat Record". If only everyone else who reissued was as meticulous in documenting source and process. I was lucky enough to see the same show 6 weeks later at Massey Hall. Awesome sounding acoustic versions of old favorites and some you may have never heard. Looking forward to future releases.