A New Stackable, Breakdown-able Record Storage System From Wax Stacks

Wax Stacks is a new company just "Kickstarted" by a Kimber Kable employee.

The boxes, of Baltic Birch and available in a variety of finishes, seem to be sturdy and are stackable. What's more, they are easily assembled without tools and can just as easily be broken-down.

Jazzfan62's picture

from the container store. Maybe I like them because I grew up using similar ones when I was young, who knows. They are sturdy and easily stackable and 12.99.


usugarbage's picture

To be completely fair plastic sags out the bottom. Plus they aren't going to fly in my, scratch that, my wife's apartment. Not to mention your first drunk buddy will knock them over. Plastic. Fail!

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that's right, no price yet, the plastic Container Store ones are cheap and easily available, these new ones? Well, I hope they don't follow convention, but with all the "eco this and that" I am guessing better that $49.95 each, hope that is not true though...

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The company has surpassed it's goal with a few days to spare. I kicked in some money to help out for a few of these crates. They appear to be just what I'm looking for. We shall see.