The New York Times Reports on The Vinyl Resurgence

The Arts section of today's New York Times contains a vinyl resurgence story by Allan Kozzin you're sure to enjoy reading: Weaned on CDs, They’re Reaching for Vinyl.

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It's great to see all the new LP s but it is also effecting price increases in used vinyl. In Seattle market all titles continue get more expensive 

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 "CDs? My dad listens to CDs — why would I do that?’ ” And your grandfather listens to vinly. Outstanding.


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...there weren't follow-up questions since that answer only portrays listening to vinyl as an anti-parent thing.  Follow-up questions could be: Do you listen to vinyl because of what people might think of you or because you enjoy it?  If for enjoyment, what is it that you enjoy about it?

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    Look like good news, more old and new musics on vinyls. The bad news is the price .... yes I noticed the raising  price of used vinyls for sometime now and the new one can be pretty high also. 


     One thing the article didn't mention is the master use to cut vinyl... analog or digital. I'm sure young record buyers will be surprised to know.

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It's the same old article that we see a couple of times a year, for the past 5 years or so. Glad that your website got some exposure though.

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Definitely, I am pleased to hear New York Times contains a vinyl resurgence story by Allan Kozzin. I will buy more albums. Cheers

By Unifore

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I love vinyl, may it live forever! It beats both cds and mp3s by miles according to me!


By: Cratedigga