Nitty Gritty Closes Its Doors

Sad to report that record cleaning specialist Nitty Gritty is going out of business—and not because business is poor.

AnalogPlanet received a reader's email containing the above image. Sadly Nitty Gritty's Gayle Van Syckle has had serious health issues and can no longer run the company (according to this letter)..

I wonder if the assets are for sale (if someone wants to run the company and manufacturer the products). Word of caution: there's nothing about any of this on the company's website but I don't believe the reader was "punking" us.

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Sorry to hear about Gayle Van Syckle. Best to her and family.
Hope my NG Pro doesn't break - the two sided action is really great. This thing is terrific and I get to so much more vinyl as a result.
Michael: please keep us posted on what happens. Hopefully, someone will pick up NG manufacturing, sales & maintenance...

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I bought an NG 2.5i in the mid '80's. Worked great for about 12 years or so and then went "on the fritz" - contacted Gayle to arrange for repairs, and she delivered. In my communications with her I found her very accommodating and quite witty. Will miss her for sure.

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This was my exact experience (down to the '80's, but a 1.5). I thoroughly enjoyed my several conversations with her and got the impression she was the entire company. Awfully sorry to hear this now.

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I saw this news in a MusicDirect e-mail about 2 weeks ago. Also didn't see anything on the NG website. I have used a Nitty Gritty machine for may years. On the one occasion I needed to contact them, for advice on adjusting the capstan for 200g LPs, Gayle's advice and communications were prompt, cordial and helpful. I wish her well.

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When I purchased a 1.5FI back in the 90's, it was the best investment in my system that I had made back then.

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I was thinking about this yesterday how for some reason or another great companies; Hovland, Sonic Frontiers, Alphason, Pierre Lurne..the list is endless, decide to close shop. I hope Gayle is on the mend and I do hope that someone picks up the Nitty Gritty mantle resurrects it, and runs with it.

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I've had my Nitty Gritty since the mid-90s and I have got great value out of it. Sorry to hear the sad news about Gayle Van Syckle's ill health. I sincerely hope it goes well for. Anything I have read on the different forums has been very positive about her as a person and businesswoman.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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I've owned a Nitty Gritty since the late-90's and it's always served me well. I still use it to pre-clean used records before putting them into my ultrasonic machine, but maybe it's time to invest in an Okki Nokki or Project VC-S...

Thanks for all of the years, Gayle!

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I've had a Model 2.5 since 1986. It still works great. In fact, I have replaced EVERY component in my system a number of times BUT my Nitty Gritty machine. What a shame. Gayle was very helpful for me when I lost my dustcover in a move. She send a new one out for what I thought was a low price and I got it in less than two weeks. It fit perfectly.

One question - does anyone know if some one like Music Direct, Needle Doctor or Elusive Disc will step in and buy the inventory of maintenance parts (like the felt "lips" for the suction slot) so that we faithful can keep our machines running ?

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Confirmed by my dealer who is a seller of Nitty Gritty products.

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I'm very sorry to read of Ms. Van Syckle's health issues. I've owned three NG machines since about 1984 (1.0, 1.5 & Record Master) and have been very happy with them all.

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Yes, it is true, Nitty Gritty has closed their doors. Their website is still up but their phone lines have been disconnected. I bought my 3.5Fi in the 1990's and sure hope someone will either buy
their assets and start this nice company up again or at the very least, make the replacement capstans and record sweep lips available for the thousands of us users. I, too, offer my very best wishes to Gayle.

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In recent years I've been using NG Firstrv on unplayed records before continuing with L'Art Du Son. Anyone have any suggestions on what might replace the Firstrv? Thanks.

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I used to use the First for many years as well, but have switched to the Audio Intelligence fluids. They are safe to use in the NG machines per Gayle, and I think work a slight bit better.

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Thanks, I'll check them out.

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Just had a look and saw they have many different Fluids. Which I ones do you use?

My current procedures are:

Unplayed - NG FirsTV > L'art Du Son

Previously played: L'art Du Son

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the Enzymatic (same effect of First), then the Super Cleaner, and follow with their Pure Water wash.

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So sorry to hear about Gayle, she was very helpful with my past 2 units.

Can anyone help me? I bought a new unit about a year ago or so. I have a used vinyl business and I use the machine to properly clean records in order to properly grade them. (I dont clean all, just ones that need it)

I change the velvet lips and the capstan about every 2 - 3 months .. sometimes sooner. I only have 2 spare capstans and 1 spare set of the velvet lips left!

Where can I buy more of these? I wouldnt be opposed to buying a large amount of each so that it lasts me. Once these pieces go, Im beat!

Also, what do I do if the machine was to break, or needed an internal part or fix?

Please help! Thanks in advance ;)


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I remember that Record Doctor started out as what seemed to be a clone of the first NG (1.0) so I wonder whether their replacements would fit NGs? I plan to buy a set to see although haven't done that yet.

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This is ridiculous. Someone gets sick and the whole operation has to stop? Are you kidding me?