ORG Announces Two Roy Orbison Double 45rpm Reissues

ORG today announced a Roy Orbison reissue project that will bring to the 45rpm format Lonely and Blue and In Dreams, two of Roy's early Monument albums. Both of these albums were recorded in Nashville by the legendary engineer Bill Porter.

Lonely and Blue was originally released in 1961, In Dreams in 1963. Bernie Grundman will cut lacquers from the original analog master tapes. Plating and pressing will be by RTI.

According to the press release the records will be available "exclusively" through Elusive Disc, which means ED will distribute the records to other dealers as well as sell them on its own website.

The individual Orbison albums were issued some time ago by Classic Records and have since been out of print and appreciating in value.

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Only the lonely will buy this

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Roy was one of that era's greats and these recordings are astonishing by any standard. Yes some of the arrangements and tunes are hokey but like Elvis, Roy is timeless. 

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Johnny Cash on Orbison (hear this in his voice): "Roy is an opera singer."

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....I wish ORG was issuing these in 33 1/3. I missed these on Classic because I was a poor student when those hit the market. An affordable audiophile reissue configured as the LP was originally released (ie. two sides, not four) would be welcome. I find $50 USD for a brand new album too expensive (that seems to be the going rate for each 45rpm album), and the need to change sides more often a little bit off-putting. 

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I'm with you Ryan.  2 discs and the resulting extra cost make the difference between buying and not buying for me, versus 1 well done LP.

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It's often the case that the licensing agent insisted on the 45rpm reissue because it has its own plans to issue at 33 1/3. Not always the case but often.

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Great stuff, conjures up images of 1950's movies, huge cars, chrome, endless fins and another time so far removed from today as to be another planet....  

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I have the DCC Roy Orbison Greatest Hits.  The Bill Porter sessions are astounding even on that release from the late 90's.  I can't wait for these releases!  Should be on par with the Acoustic Sounds Elvis 24 Karat Hits and the Patsy Cline Greatest Hits from the same era.

For me, the inconvenience of getting up to change a side every three songs is worth it when you consider the sound quality difference 45 rpm makes.  Vocals on the Elvis release as so solid, dead center, and there is so much air and space between the vocals and everything else it's not even funny.  I have only had this experience with 45 rpm reissues.  Many are so mesmerizing that I can't even read or use my laptop.  I am almost hypnotized by the quality!

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I'd buy these in a heart beat at a more reasonable price but I'm tired of these excessive prices...and getting up every other track to change sides.  Looks like another lable pandering to the "collectors" and "investors" out there. $50 for a single album's worth of admitedly wonderful pop music. Come on guys!

And even with my very high end rig I cannot hear the jaw dropping differences others suggest.

I'll take mine slow and easy please!

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Michael, the Classic Records reissue of In Dreams is still available as a Mono 33 from Acoustic Sounds. On sale for $25!

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Many are uncomfortable about re-purchasing what they consider a final purchase (a recording), albeit the same does not apply to other consumables, such as a preferred bottle of wine.

As consumers, I find it interesting what we consider, or will reconsider for a re-purchase.

After hearing the difference between the ORG 45 recordings and competing brands (both in 33 and 45), I remain grateful the ORG recordings are available--and if I'm not mistaken, the 45 rpm speed is all ORG produces. 

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