Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win an Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct (MSRP $720.00) we are giving away.

From Music Direct:

Music Direct is happy to offer a brand-new Ortofon 2M Black for one lucky subscriber to Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet. The flagship of the 2M line, the Black is absolutely one of the finest Moving Magnet cartridges ever built. The 2M Black has Ortofon’ s best Shibata stylus, which is usually found on much more expensive cartridges.  It’s fast, dynamic, extremely well-detailed, yet supremely musical. A Music Direct best-seller, this $720 cartridge digs deep down into the grooves, playing parts of the groove no other stylus has ever reached. Good luck to all of you.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

wheatthin's picture

please, please, please.......

bcarroll's picture

I promise to take good care of it

spin33.3's picture


Steve Arnold's picture

Wish me luck!

craw787's picture

A much needed upgrade. I'm crossing my fingers. 

nigthenrock's picture

Always wanted one of these.

dimitri's picture

I need it



abnutter's picture

All I do is Win Win Win....

lawn_wrangler's picture

this is the excuse I need to get a new table.

orangejazz's picture

More carts for these sweepstakes!

yogaflyer1@yahoo.com's picture

Boy do I ever need a new cartridge like this one.  I am particularily excited about the stylis being nice to my records!

gerrald6's picture

They make the best bang for the buck

icb's picture

Yes, this cart would be lovely.

batchainpuller's picture

a roll of the dice can never abolish chance

Spin Lps's picture


root1's picture

One more time. Hope springs eternal.

Great work Mike. Thanks.

robodice's picture

I'm in

Catcher10's picture

I still play CDs occasionally.....I don't know why? The 2M Black may prevent me from doing that again!

virtualbryan's picture

give me some Orftron love....

rutalley's picture

Just like I always wanted!

vinyl's picture

I am new to vinyl I have had a rega rp3 for a year. My first vinyl purchase was from a guy on craiglists that had some vinyl for sale about a year ago. I consider my self a audioohile. All of my purchase the turntable was from my stereophile  recommend 2012 list. I have a digital sub for the mag for a year also, reading your posts. I also have your turntable setup dvd also. I would to have the 2m black on my turntable.

Swervn's picture

this cart in my music hall.

gromitsdad's picture

Thanks to Analog Planet for once again having a great giveaway!!!

mteinum's picture

I'm in

cpnelsonjunya's picture


Cabbage's picture

This would make a great belated birthday present...

Matt's picture

Sounds good

nick-seattle's picture

Read a lot of great reviews about the cartrige, so maybe...

dmills-noao's picture

Thank you very much.

agentcooper's picture

Would love an ortofon

Jazzinfluenced's picture

Oh, oh...please, oh, oh...pick me, please!

iamjerico's picture

Gimme! Gimme!

Joey54's picture

I would love to hear this cartridge!

jsnow1's picture

Looks lovely. Thanks.

jackschmaltz's picture

fingers crossed

innergroove16's picture

Would totally love this! Thanks for the great contests!

garybx's picture

I will look forward to hearing this cartridge on my simple little Rega P25 table!

criswood1's picture

Would be awesome to hear the difference!

vinylb's picture

they have layers......



PICK ME !!!! PICK ME !!!! PICK ME !!!!

Phil Sommers's picture

I would love to win the Orotofon.  Thanks.

Loudlester's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

popluhv's picture

love to find out how it sounds!

Prole's picture

This would be a fantastic upgrade for my system.

williamsims's picture

As Nietzsche says:  "Be careful when you're fighting monsters not to become one yourself, and remember, if you peer into the abyss, the abyss will peer right back into you." [My translation]

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Tarraga's picture

This would be a nice complimet to my Rega P3 :)

forch's picture

thanks for the contest!

ahertich's picture

This would be great on my new turntable!

Brantp1981@gmail.com's picture

Please let the winner be me!!! What day will this happen so I can plan a vinyl listening party to audition my new cartridge!!!!!!!  Can't wait!!

vonstaden's picture

2M 2 me

martinjohnbutler's picture

I have the Project III turntable, and it told me it would like a nice, new, more expensve cartridge. You see, I keep telling everyone I have golden ears, and they don't believe me.


LousyTourist's picture

Lancelot Link, Private Eye: "Me-me.me.me.me.me"

tbirdron's picture

I'm a fan

Vietster80's picture

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this.

rmarston's picture

Would love to have this!

Jrichard's picture

for a new cartridge.

ejmcjr's picture

Perfect together...yes thank you. 

EataCookie's picture

Here we go! lets do this! Good luck everyone! and You'll make someone very happy with this :)

dolsey01's picture

What can I say, I would love a 2M black. 

the matching mole's picture

This would be the perfect cart for the Garrard 301 I just refurbished!

Poopshipdestroyer's picture


wmaberle's picture

Is it a replacement for my Technics SL-1300 cartridge?

emhans's picture

Fingers crossed!

kensargent's picture

My turntable has become a source of turntrouble, so I could really use a new cart.  Thanks, Analog Planet!

Gon Bops's picture

I've heard lots of good stuff about the 2M Black, woudl love to take one for a ride.

JMCIII1957's picture

Wow, very generous of you.Thanks.Please enter me in the contest for the Ortofon cartridge.....

bryan0101's picture

My cartridge is going bad...

shays01's picture

Would love to hear this cartridge thru my Little Dot tube headphone amp and my Sennheiser HD-650's.  Can not even imagine how great that would sound!

nonmimeticform's picture

Please oh please!

CitationX's picture

Look forward to hearing.

louv610's picture

...I recently purchased an entry level Rega tt from MusicDirect, I would love to swap out the stock cartridge with this one!!!

dougport63's picture

Thanks for this opportunity 

ondesmartenot's picture

laughI wanna win!

Trivette's picture


napunch's picture

Oh yes, this would be a fine addition for spinning vinyl.  

HT Guy's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.  This is an outstanding cartridge.

pjalosky's picture

I'd love to have a 2M Black!

malvrich's picture

The old Technics could use a new companion.

larryincmh's picture

This might actually make me put away my 681EEE on my Thorens 145.  Good luck to me!!!!

Blackcanyon's picture

Highly recommended!

glbright's picture

46 years. 7 turntables. Too many cartridges to remember. This would be the icing on a memorable vinyl cake.

sublemon's picture

I liked my kontrapunkt a - nice cartridge.  Mine is a bit old but I may get the cantilever/stylus replaced

kneptune61's picture

Have heard the 2M Black over the 2M Bronze, more detailed than the Bronze.  The Black is best moving magnet cartridge I've heard.  Also trumps the Blue Point No. 2 MC.

vcwatkins's picture

Thank you, sir, may I have another.

holdenc19's picture

with the new turntable I need to buy.

cenglish's picture

Well, I suppose it's possible I could win

ushman's picture

Me want

Stevieray's picture

Of course it will look and sound good mounted on a REGA tonearm!

chan192's picture

Stay Classy.

Troutnut's picture

Heard so much about this cartridge, I would love to win it.

WapatoWolf's picture

ok, maybe not love, but i would love to win this!!

amcrebelfan's picture

Longtime want for me that I have wanted to try out. Sweet giveaway very nice of you to do so. 

gabidanpremier's picture

I would really appreciate having this cartridge !

gabidanpremier's picture

I would really appreciate having this cartridge !

Nordfinn's picture

A friend has one, and it sounds great.

Yourgoldteeth's picture

I would like to try that Ortofon on my VPI 

Oliver A.'s picture


leo-hifi's picture

Perfect match for my tt.

telepop's picture

Ah what I would do for this cartridge!

cement_head's picture

I actually need this badly, it will make the Mile Davis that I bought at RSD 2013 sound even better!

gorkuz's picture

Left comment, right comment is I need one of these.

Jeffrey_Rada's picture

I need a new Phono cartridge

musicalevangelist's picture

I currently have a Shure cartrigde that would likely make the members of this board shudder... this would make my life!

aw's picture

Count me in! I'd love to win it.

dsurg123's picture

Very cool idea from first rate folks!

stellablues's picture

this would look great on my new vpi scout 1.1 

Thanks for the free cart.

Nilau's picture


This cart is made in my country...

So I can pick it up myself.  ;-)

Please make the arrangements!



toddrain1's picture

I'll cross my fingers!

smorgenroth's picture

Would love to win it!

jblackhall's picture

This is the best prize I've seen in a while!

mberger's picture

I would really like to win one of these.



bvollrath's picture

Oh I need to win a new cartridge.  My old one wore out playing Blondie LP's.

CouryT's picture

I'm back in ... for an Ortofon Black.

peterggoetz@gmail.com's picture

Great products and great service!

HarryOOOO's picture

Would love this Cart on my Well Tempered table playing through my Homemade Phono Preamp!

audioking's picture

This would be a fine addition to my analog based system!  Would love to have it! 

emoore44's picture

Me likee...

Biff's picture


DJ Huk's picture

Recently bought the Bronze and am highly impressed.  But I could be persuaded to mount the Black ... probably within seconds. 

jerryci's picture

I've heard the Ortofon Black before ... countless hours.  It needs a break-in time before the harshness subsides.  It also matches well with smooth speakers (what the heck is "smooth") because of it's very revealing nature.  I'd like to match it with a tube phono preamp!  It's also great for symphonic music because it delineates all the instruments better than many other cartridges.  I WILL ACCEPT THE PRIZE!

bluesdan48's picture

I just received a new Rega RP-1 turntable for fathers day and I sure could use this cartridge to sweeten up the sound...thanks for the opportunity to join.  I have personally ordered several items from Music Direct and have an account with them..



Dan Graves

jnjohnson2's picture

Thanks for the chance to win!

aron's picture

Please, let it be me

Squash-O-Tronic's picture

Oh man! I am sooooo ready for this one! I have the perfect deck and a BAT to run it with! PAAAAALLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!wink

Aleksandar's picture

I'm in!

Bubbab60's picture

My turntable is ready and waiting...

Supergome's picture

Love to compare this to my Red.

MoermanE's picture

Thank you in advance

dhamrenjr's picture

And have been lusting after this for last 18 months!  But baby has needed shoes, please pick me :)

capezik5's picture

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

wimi2's picture

Gonna have to retire my 31 year old Grado Signature 8 after I win this Ortofon 2M.

mdkruse84's picture

Very nice! Feelin' lucky

xtcfan80's picture

I have an only MM phono stage so the Ortofon 2M Black should be a winner for me.

Tubemaniac's picture

Me likes.

srmusic's picture

My girlfriend has a Black 2M cartridge and I'd love one too.

hearforthesound's picture

These days, I try to listen to as much analog formatted music as possible.

But 20 years ago music labels held a gun to my head, and I had a momentary lapse in judgement - I listened to 'D-word' formatted music.

I'm sorry... may the first all-analog listening person line up and throw the jewel case at me...

audiot's picture

I will buy a new TT if I win this!

audiof001's picture

Give that OrtoFUN! 2 M(e!)  ;-)

EMichaels's picture

I just purchased a 2M Black and love it but I could use a spare to replace the stylus when it wears out.

Thank you,

chilli's picture

thank you.

chilli's picture

thank you.

BacHolz's picture

May the most worthy listener win...

melachrino's picture

Yes. This would be great.

rosiemaxx's picture

I'm as greedy as anybody man-jack here,but much less deserving.

pkornnh's picture

 One Ortofon Black.

bobsum's picture

I suppose I ought to get with it. Have over 20K vinyls.

David Andrews's picture

Thanks for Ortofon 2M Black sweepstakes

Kleinrp628's picture

Love to have one.  

Jjacksn2's picture

Count me in

John Macca's picture

Poor me, i will never win, i gotta be listening to each and every mp3 for all eternity!!!