Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win an Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct (MSRP $720.00) we are giving away.

From Music Direct:

Music Direct is happy to offer a brand-new Ortofon 2M Black for one lucky subscriber to Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet. The flagship of the 2M line, the Black is absolutely one of the finest Moving Magnet cartridges ever built. The 2M Black has Ortofon’ s best Shibata stylus, which is usually found on much more expensive cartridges.  It’s fast, dynamic, extremely well-detailed, yet supremely musical. A Music Direct best-seller, this $720 cartridge digs deep down into the grooves, playing parts of the groove no other stylus has ever reached. Good luck to all of you.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

kshbennet's picture

It's mine!!

rick's picture

Bring it home baby!

crouse99's picture

Me! Me!  I'm dressed like a turnip!

Bigboi1952's picture

This is one sweet electrical generator that I wouldn't mind having at the end of my tone arm.

mjohnson229's picture

I have the blue, but I want the black.

sfactor23's picture


enoguy's picture

Jusj got a new TT, this would be a great addition...

auburn278's picture

I know I would adore a Black. :)

desmondjim's picture

I would love me some MM.

dablooz's picture

yep! a winner!

batman44's picture

Life would be back with an Ortofon Black!

mzeigler's picture

would totally dig this

gregoire's picture

...for allowing me to win this classic cartridge!

nfluents's picture

Thank you! I hope I win. 

mrrobivan's picture

Thank you for the opportunity.  I would handle it with love should I be the lucky winner!

MrSethJM's picture

Oh good! A moving magnet cartridge. I could use that with my system, without any other upgrades being necessary. It would be fascinating to see how it compares to my AT125LC. Presumably it would have a noticeably nicer overall sound. 

norske's picture

I hope I win!  I need a new cart.

kwolfdds's picture

Hoping to win this to upgrade from my previous cartridge purchased at Music Direct!

Fredauto's picture

This is exactly the cartridge I' craving about.

Newman's picture

This would be a great..

Devil Doc's picture

why not

valhsmith's picture

I have a Benz Micro Ace but the stylus is very close to being unusable.

kramth's picture

I love the sound of good moving magnet cartriges and this is a great one!

eyedoc's picture

Winning this would allow me go forward with the purchase of the new turntable from you as well.  Thanks for your support Music Direct.

mikethc's picture

I have used various ortofon cartridges years ago. They were very good.

jmorrison622's picture

Thanks for picking something worth winning.

niftymusic's picture

I'd love to compare this to my Audio Technica ML440a!

Blue Note's picture

looks like a really nice cart, thanks.

sixthstreetlive's picture

Gimme a chance to win the cartridge, I need a fresh one.

dharmabumstead's picture

I've got a 2M Blue now, and the 2M Black would be an awesome upgrade...

csenning's picture

A match made in audiophile heaven.

csenning's picture

A match made in audiophile heaven.

audiojohn's picture

Can't wait to mount this on my Rega tonearm. Thank you Music Direct!

garish's picture

Looks cool.

THirsch's picture


I have read many great comments about how this cartridge competes with models in the $2K-3K dollar range. Can't wait to try it!

rogerknight's picture

keep your hands off my records.

t-wisher's picture


tandem_dude's picture

Fingers crossed

StonedBeatles1's picture

Please pick me before I get too stoned rolling Beatles.

brucej4's picture

...but I'd really like to have a 2M Black!  Thanks!

darkvim's picture

Give it a try!

berlinerpunk's picture

It's an Analog Planet.... and I just live in it.

sask2012's picture

if I win it will be the first for me.

lukefortworth's picture

Would be an upgrade from my current "Red".

bcash96's picture


oscelm's picture

I'm in!  Would love to win this highly rated cartridge!

jeffh's picture

What a great upgrade this would be.

theDude's picture

I've watched the price climb from $599 to $720!

jeffasmith's picture

Thanks for the chance!

sculptor's picture

Thanks for this chance to win the great Ortofon 2M Black cartridge!

Bruce Springsteen's picture


darth vader's picture

This would go well with my Dual 1019 .

Cammock's picture

I'd love to compare on my 'table'...

schrickwarren's picture

My first choice to replace my OM-30..

Yes Ortofon makes the best MM cartridges

jfgoods's picture

Need a replacement for my Benz Ace.

Logansport Berry's picture

Gimme, gimme, gimme...

dnsnlsn's picture

This would sound great on my Rega turntable!

Thanks for the oppurtunity 

atblumenthal's picture

I'm going to Copenhagen tomorrow and i'd love a free Ortofon cartridge.

MountainMusic's picture

Have the Red, would love the Black!

ashevilleaudio's picture

I need this thing!

bmwnutt's picture

I would love to compare this to my Shure V15VxMR with Jico SAS stylus!

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the two?

SpnkyMcGee's picture

...and we are lucky to spin it.  

RrMusicMan60's picture

I own the blue, so it would be wonderful to compare.

bbfrid's picture

sign me up

Lifer's picture

Had it before and passed, but the system has changed since then.

Uncle Taiji's picture

It would be nice to have.

ranf1970's picture

Thanks Music Direct and AnalogPlanet for giving everyone this wonderful opportunity!

SWC's picture


sonnenwender's picture

I wonder how it would sound with my Rega P3 24

genghis1976's picture


William Cranford's picture

Would love to try to hear difference between a $700 and $100 cartridge.

knelson16's picture

What a great offer.  Thank you Music Direct!

Jonnyboy's picture


djv1972's picture

I have had my eye on this cart for a while now. Would give me a reason to upgrade my TT. Wish me Luck !!!

jrs_1981's picture

I've got a Shure and a couple of Grado's. It's time for an Ortofon. I want to hear some untouched regions on my vinyl collection.

jamesbythebay's picture

Count me in!

Mirkosog's picture

Thanks for this opportunity!  Pick me. Pick Me!

flvinck's picture

Awesome site.  Thanks.

jgossman's picture

Is a little long in the tooth!

ckm5's picture

till they give it away..................................gasp...

alabamawoody's picture

God I would love to replace my Red 2M with the Black 2M, fingers and toes crossed !

Thanks for the opportunity.

Rudy's picture

My V15VMR is worn down to a nub--this 2M Black would fit the bill nicely. Thanks!

Wildcat's picture

Read many good things about this cart--I'd love to hear it! 

Or as we would say in school: pick me! pick me!  Thank you!

freejazz's picture

free is nice...

JustinB's picture

Thanks for the new Ortofon. I have the 2M red and like it lots, but suspect I would (will! will!) like this one even more.

Bluesbob's picture

5 mV is kind of high output, but my son would love this.

georgegiurgea's picture

I am a OM20 Super happy owner and I love Ortofon sound but I would definitely be happier to win the best MM cartridge from Ortofon.

I am already excited to get the best VTA for my records and see how my direct to disc recording from Umbrella Label sounds.

Thanks Analog Planet for this opportunity.


the analog guy


tolkencatholic's picture

Analog Planet rules!

BBullion's picture

I'm in on this contest

bionicman43's picture

This would be a great upgrade for a friend of mine that loves the hunt for new LP's but pays little attention to his system.

Jujai's picture

Just what i need! I have to win one of these ;-)

hrlaser's picture

I'd love to caress my vinyl with this fantastic cartridge.. I could sure use an upgrade like this.. Thanks for the opportunity..

danp's picture

This is a great thing to win, I'll take it!

Etbaby's picture

What a great prize!!!!

FLashfan's picture

I am saving up to purchase a new Rega RP6 for my Holiday present to myself this year. This will be the perfect complement to that 'table. I hope I win, but whoever wins will have many years of audio enjoyment.

tamlor's picture

enter me

gsuen's picture

Great prize.

paul-s's picture

Thank you.

lotusguy's picture

I would love to replace my vintage Dynavector MC cartridge with a modern MM and eliminate the extra stage of amplification.

Bill-B's picture

would love to hear how this one sounds

lpthorpe's picture

Would be delighted if picked!

zaustin2's picture

I need to replace my Shure V15VxMR and this would fit the bill perfectly.

sgibson389's picture

for everyone

faroutback's picture

This would be nice on my new super scoutmaster

galacticz00's picture

For a REGA arm........I can oblige

remkohuijgen's picture

Dear 2M Black,

I've got just the right turntable for you!

unruhs's picture

Love to have it!! 

vtornabene's picture

Ortofon, here I come!

robfunk's picture

I have been looking at this cartridge for a while.

thomasbdixon's picture

I could sure use an Ortofon 2M Black.

rcasaly's picture

Count me in!

jimmyhan69's picture

too much rain

cpwheeler's picture

Can't wait to win!

mikeydevod's picture

would be a nice upgrade from my old tm15

dhaskell's picture

I'm feeling LUCKY!