Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Force Gauge from Needle Doctor Sweepstakes

Register to win a Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Force Gauge from Needle Doctor (MSRP $159.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The DS-1 is manufactured in Japan, and is among the most accurate stylus force gauges available today.  Offering a reading up to 0.1, the DS-1 allows the user to carefully dial in the designated tracking force for any phono cartridge.  Safe to use with either MM or MC type cartridges, the DS-1 is as versatile as it comes.

Setting the tracking force of a phono cartridge accurately goes a long way in how good your vinyl rig will sound.  Folks can even taylor the sort of sound they prefer by making slight adjustments either way.  

The DS-1 helps take the pain out of turntable set up by offering a spot-on reading instantaneously.  It's among the easiest and most important tools for your vinyl toolbox!  

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JRSBat's picture

I would love to try out this scale!

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Digital! Digital! Digital!

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Been looking for one.....

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Want it!

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I'd love to win this.. my only stylus force gauge is a cheap metal see-saw shaped, junky thing with some little gram weights that I bought for a buck or two at a local store back in the 1960s.. the Ortofon is probably 203489203948209821 times more accurate..


Thank you!.. heart

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Exactly what i was missing....thanks !!!!!

" Heavy " regards 

torturegarden's picture

This looks better than my trusty ols Shure SFG-2.

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This little beauty might just be as accurate as my AR balance guage from the '60s.

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I'm in

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Entered, thanks.

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Would love to own this.  Thanks, Needle Doctor!

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Nice prize

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Interesting dual usage here... So kidding.  I'm sure Jerry still has a few with residue...

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I could use this, both for my turntable and my side job as a coke dealer.

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Just what I need.

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I'm do...

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digital scale please - my see-saw seems to give me different results every time I use it.

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digital scale please - my see-saw seems to give me different results every time I use it.

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Really need one of these!  Thanks!

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Pick me, please.

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Yes Please!

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This is probably a ton more accurate than my shure stylus gauge, although I do love using that as well, however timely it may be. Would love to try this!

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Thank you!

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Love to win this Ortofon force gauge, would go along with new turntable in the near future!

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Count me in!

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You've en-gauged my interest ... 

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I'm in 

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No whammies please.

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Winning would be sweet!

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I have the 2 M Black so the scale would be a very appreciated addition. Thank you.

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my vintage Weathers gauge.

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