Paul McCartney Announces McCartney III  50 Years After McCartney

50 years after releasing his first solo album on which he played all of the instruments, wrote all of the songs (including "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Every Night" and "The Lovely Linda") and self-engineered, Sir Paul returns with McCartneyIII. In 1980 he released his second solo album McCartney II.

The album will be released December 11th on Capitol Records "... across digital platforms, on CD, and on LP manufactured by Third Man Pressing. Vinyl configurations will range from standard 180g to a Third Man Edition of 3,000 hand-numbered red vinyl copies, a ‘333’ Edition sold only via Third Man Records online store and limited to 333 copies on yellow-with-black-dots vinyl created using 33 recycled vinyl copies of McCartney and McCartney II, a U.S. indie retail exclusive pressing of 4,000 hand-numbered white vinyl LPs, and more.

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the 333 edition is already sold out.

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I was 8 years old when I saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. It changed my life and pulled me into an earlier career in music in a big way, and my current career in motion pictures and television in a bigger way.

I have and continue to appreciate McCartney. After all, he certainly does know his audience base. The announcement of McCartney III's December release included so many different limited edition vinyl variants and most, if not all, sold out quickly. I watched a YouTube video posted by a fan in front of his Beatles shrine, in which he stated that he would not pre-order the standard black vinyl release and was on the hunt for the other variations; all the while lamenting that he missed out on the Third Man Records yellow edition. I expect we'll see that variant being sold on Discogs for $1000 or more soon enough.

If I learned one thing from Mickey on this site it's this; the sound is the thing. It's why we buy vinyl records and play them back on the best reproduction system we can afford.

Collecting is fun, but I opted instead to pre-order the McCartney III standard black vinyl LP. My only hope whenever I buy an LP is that the music and the sound are a 10.

Kindest regards, Jim

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There’s one on eBay at the moment for $4320! Greed never sleeps.

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I've been a McCartney fan since I saw a news segment on a Walter Cronkite's CBS News of a new band that was some big deal in England. And, then heard them on my 6-transistor radio that on some nights could pick up NYC stations 1000 miles away that had early Beatles releases.

I own a great deal of his solo and Wings releases and all of the Beatles (in every format, including the Apple USB and a EMI Blue Box).

BUT, I have to hear this one first. At Paul's age, lets be honest, his voice is a tad ragged. I'm only 8 years younger than him and I know my speaking voice is equally ragged.

Can't wait to hear it. Stream it. And I hope LOVE it. But, I'm going wait on buying this one.

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show (9:00 PM CST). As a 10-year old, I was "easy", but it was pretty much instant captivation.

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Fully expecting to be disappointed/underwhelmed. But what the heck, any album may be his last, and I've never owned a white colored "vinyl". You don't have to love an album to be glad you have it.