Pink Floyd's "The Wall" Illustrator Gerald Scarfe Interviewed

Illustrator/political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe spoke yesterday (6/16/17) with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer after Scarfe's hour-long talk at London's Victoria and Albert Museum where since May 13th (and running through October 1st) "The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains" has been attracting large, enthusiastic crowds.

Scarfe created the memorable characters, illustrations and unforgettable animated videos featured in the group's "The Wall" epic— a live extravaganza mounted but 31 times because of logistical difficulties and the high costs involved.

Scarfe's work is also seen in the album graphics and of course in the movie "The Wall" directed by Sir Alan Parker. This YouTube video also includes photos of the museum exhibit taken yesterday.

Scarfe is also a published weekly political cartoonist with a progressive political perspective. A second bonus after the PF museum images has Scarfe and Fremer talking politics. You have been warned.

While the interviewer is not in any way an art critic, he shares a few things with Scarfe: both worked for Walt Disney, both were involved with animation, both worked in advertising and like Scarfe, the interviewer has produced political cartoons, though the medium was audio not pen and ink.

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