PowerVision S1 May Become "Go To" Video Accessory for Audio Show Coverage

Okay, this is "off topic" but a very cool compact about 1/2 pound gimbal for smart phones costing $239 was offered for review (I will buy it) so I said "why not"? It’s pocket sized, relatively flat, feature packed and includes useful software for iOS and Android.

It arrived just before I was invited to the Formula One race in Abu Dhabi so I took it along to learn how to use it and document the trip (expenses were covered but not by anyone in the audio business). This video shows you how the S1 works and some of the trip too. Plus, there are pan shots of my messy room for those who enjoy getting on my case. Also visible: walls of PROMO RECORDS AND LACQUERS.

Hopefully, sometime soon when there are again audio shows (for now the Tampa show is on but I’m not going to DeSantis’s Florida in February) the S1 can be tested in a real working environment. If seasickness induced by camera shakes can be eliminated and the sound is good the S1 will take the place of of the bulky camcorder/shotgun mic combo that’s been used for most of the hundreds of videos on the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel.

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I use the DJI OM5 whitch does a great job, however, a little more bulky. Looks like the Powervision will fold up nice for a pocket

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Yes, many comments on YouTube suggest that one but I like the flatness of this though were I re-creating the "Sticky Fingers" or "Transformer" covers I'd opt for the DJI.
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You will go to Abu Dhabi without commenting on their politics. Find out what happens if you are Gay in a Mid East Country.

You won't go to Florida and you do comment on their Politics. Lefties, like you are still welcome.

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Of course.
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Is it Android compatible?