ProJect's New Classic Turntable Celebrates Twenty Five Year Anniversary

Pro-Ject's Heinz Lichtenegger couldn't wait for next week's Munich show where he will hold a twenty fifth anniversary press conference and debut this handsome new turntable. Instead he flew to New York and debuted it first at the World of McIntosh (WOMA) townhouse.

Believe me, given how much needs to be done before going to Munich, I wouldn't have shlepped into Manhattan just for the sneak peak, but I had a dentist's appointment the same day as the event so I went.

This new turntable bears a not coincidental resemblance to a Linn-Sondek, though it eschews a spring-based suspension. Instead, it uses specially designed Sorbothane discs carefully placed between the chassis and the handsome wooden frame.

However, while it otherwise resembles previous Pro-Ject turntables, there's much that's special here. The arm tube is a new carbon fiber over aluminum sandwich construction. The horizontal bearing is a new design, using an expensive Japanese part that's got a center hole to allow the wiring to pass through unimpeded.

The vertical gimbal bearing is also a new design using a metal that Mr. Lichtenegger referred to as "Sercon" (or something like that--sorry this got lost in translation or rather in dialect).

The counterweight is decoupled using a new Ortofon-developed elastomer. The new platter machined of aluminum, is well-damped using a special material around its underside periphery, that also adds mass and produces greater stability. Give it a knuckle wrap and there's not a hint of ringing or "pinging".

The cost of the new 'table will be somewhere around $1000 but could be as high as $1400 depending upon whether or not it will include a cartridge.

In any case, it's a handsome 'table and the arm upgrades are sure to eventually find their way into less expensive Pro-Ject tone arms.

mraudio's picture

...looking table. I've never been a fan of most, (not all, but most) of the Project tables as far as cosmetics go, but that's a very clean design.

LaserRanger's picture

I'm finding myself more and more fond of the Linn look. Some ARs looked like this too. Bet it sounds great.

Ryan L.'s picture

Very enticing! Seems like a good time for Pro-Ject to introduce a periphery ring clamp. They seem to make every other kind of TT accessory!

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Michael, if you are visiting Munich please dont forget to visit the Swissonor showroom E210 in Atrium 4.2. Its a small Swiss company not very well known. I myself own their Bach 12 speakers and would want to buy one of their tube amps. The combination of these 2 just sounds the best i have ever heard. They also specialize in restoring the old Thorens turntables, like the TD160 and of course the TD124. Please dont miss this occasion to at least lend an ear to these beauties. Cheers and have fun!

Bob Levin's picture

Heinz' ethic behind his tables is very similar. as well. Something hi-fi that average schlubs like me can afford.
If a Timelord had told him at the outset, that he would be not only still making his turntables, but that he would be the planets' largest producer...
Happy Anniversary Herr Lichtnegger!

Neverenough's picture

This is a very hard ceramic material and readily available for bearings.

Garven's picture

Nice looking turntable but if it comes with one of those noisy motors so many around the web are complaining about, it'll be another waste of time.

Bluejimbop's picture

<- RPM 5.1. Noisy motor? Check.

Garven's picture

<- Pro-Ject Debut III. Noisy motor? Check.
<- Pro-Ject xpression II. Noisy motor? Check.
<- Pro-Ject replacement motor for xpression II. Noisy motor? Check.

Bob Levin's picture

Loosen them a little.
The motor noise goes away.

Garven's picture

Tried them loose, right, bought the kit from Pro-Ject, tried every hack on the net and then some. Nothing worked. Ditched the Pro-Ject, much happier.

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You're assuming the buyer must have a "wife", so that would mean the female buyer is a lesbian. ;-)

michaelj's picture

Kind of looks like my Philips 212. Hopefully it sounds better.

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I think it is those dustcover hinges that give it that resemblance %-)

Chucky's picture

Electronic speed change would be really nice on this model. My 45 RPM LPs are seriously underplayed. When I came back to vinyl I had no idea that 45 RPM LPs even existed so my single regret about my turntable purchase was not getting an SB model.

my new username's picture

Looks quite nice because the style is very much mid-late '70s Luxman, not Linn or AR. Google 'em and you'll see what I mean.

airdronian's picture

I agree, with that brushed metal top plate. Nice looking table.

tallguy's picture

I can't find this for sale from USA dealers. Michael (or anybody) do you know how I can get my hands on one??