Radiohead Announces November 5th Release of Kid A Mnesia   In Multiple Formats

The 21st anniversary of Radiohead's 2000 releases Kid A and Amnesiac will see the release of a multiple format triple-album featuring 1/2 speed re-masters of both Nigel Godrich produced albums and a third album of "never-before-heard "If You Say the Word" and a previously unreleased studio recording of "Follow Me Around".

Available formats of the XL Records release include: a limited edition 3XLP cream vinyl edition on 180g of Kid A, Amnesiac (both 1/2 speed mastered) plus Kid Amnesiae and a 36 page hardback art book.

Also available is Kid Amesiette a limited to 5000 numbered double cassette edition+ 36 page" booklet", as well as indie exclusive edition red vinyl 3LP, black vinyl 3LP, 3CD and 3 volume digital formats.

You can see and order all editions at the U.K. store where the deluxe cream colored edition costs $120 plus $15 shipping to N.J. (I bought that one). The 3 LP black vinyl less deluxe edition costs $60. The less deluxe 3 LP black vinyl edition is also available on the American XL store for $44.99 (ACT NOW! YOU SAVE $15!!!!), but who knows where it's being pressed? (guessing GZ presses the cream colored edition). Yes, it's a cash-grab, but if it's going to be a cash grab, at least make it Radiohead! Also note: the original UK pressings of Kid A vinyl was notably inferior to the CD version. That cannot be right. Hopefully this reissue will correct the error.

However, for this kind of hoopla, Radiohead and XL Records ought to let buyers know: 1)Who mastered and where, and from what and 2) who pressed it. COME ON THOM!

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Chris Blair at Abbey Road Studios (visible at one of the pictures)

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Chris Blair mastered it originally. So, it’s probably not a remaster but only a 1/2 speed cut (at least the original albums). The question is whether it is a 45 RPM. Kid A is not available in that format yet.

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can't be, because this reissue squeezes 'kid a' and 'amnesiac' each onto a single disc. wouldn't be surprised if this is a new remaster. if it is, it's not done by chris blair, who died in 2005.

it's also worth noting that any possible 'kid a' remaster would be from transfers done before 2016, as they cut up the master tapes (at least that's what they say) for the 'a moon shaped pool' special edition.

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I got the 2 x 10 inch US version, but quickly replaced it, with a U.K. 2 x 12inch XL pressing and never looked back… until today?

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Sometimes these releases can be really overwhelming. I did order the indie red vinyl 3LP version...which seems to be sold out mostly. Now I read this and think...oh no I need the cream deluxe version...But I think I will stay with the red indie version and add the KID A MNESIA Hardback Art Catalogue (also available at the official store). Which might be the nicest combination to enjoy those beautiful masterpieces. These Radiohead box sets never were highly limited in my experience, but I do not expect a 360 page book to be printed in such high numbers. Anyway, really excited about this release, love Radiohead.

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what exactly are "7” vinyl centre labels"?

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I think because there are few songs on the 3rd LP they extended the label area....
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Hi Michael,
If we are to go by the 20th Anniversary reissue of OK Computer as reference they did high rez transfers from the analog master tapes. Bob Ludwig then remastered the album. The remastered files where then cut at half speed by Barry "Bazza" Grint at Alchemy Mastering.

The U.S. pressings were done at Independent Record Pressing and the European were done at Optimal in Germany.

A Moon Shaped Pool was also mastered by Bob Ludwig and cut at half speed by Bazza. I would guess this will be no different but only time will tell.
Long time reader first time poster.

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Apologies for a couple typos there.

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so if we're going strictly on what the press release said, it means that the disc labels measure 7" in diameter, like the last record reviewed in this feature:

HOWEVER, considering the length of these radiohead album sides it wouldn't be physically possible to have disc labels 7" in diameter. therefore, i believe they mean 7cm labels (the box set for 'a moon shaped pool' had disc labels smaller than usual) but we won't know until the box sets ship.

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They continue to innovate in unexpected places...

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this virtual art exhibit looks, feels and controls. Just an incredible addition to the art of these records.

It's only on PC and PS5. It may be available on XBSX, but I am not sure of that.

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this virtual art exhibit looks, feels and controls. Just an incredible addition to the art of these records.

It's only on PC and PS5. It may be available on XBSX, but I am not sure of that.

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I'm looking forward to seeing reviews on this after it's released. It's interesting that... if I understand correctly... they put each studio album on one disc. At 50 min for Kid A and 44 for Amnesiac, it isn't the wildest thing in the world for 22-25 minutes per LP side, but considering how dynamic these albums are, it's a curious decision.

I have a 2008 2x10" Kid A and a 2001 2x10" of Amnesiac currently, and although I'm satisfied with them, this package will be on my radar until the reviews start coming in.

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Seems somehow obvious if Abbey Road and 1/2 speed are related in the same phrase, that this is a Miles Showell cut, right?

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it was originally mastered at abbey road, but it doesn’t say who’s doing this new half-speed cut

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I have to say Radiohead is one of my fav groups. Has anyone gotten a chance to listen to this release? I have OKNOTOK-Ok Computer and was very happy with it. Thoughts?

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I got mine this week and it's a terrible pressing. Not one side of my set without significant problems. Checked Hoffman and Reddit and I see that I am far from alone on this score. Not just noisy either... downright nasty at times, the grinding noise of IGD. "Do I want my stylus on this?" type of bad. Many pressings seem to have the same defects in the same places (HTDC one of everyone's problem tracks). Some chatter indicating that the US pressing is uniformly bad while the EU pressing is fine. Can't say MF didn't warn us that this was a shady scene but still - Michael anyway you can look into the situation and see if they're going to try to rectify? I can't get anyone at XL to respond to my emails, seems like I'm just stuck with this crap.

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My Ammesiac Creme LP has very loud low frequency warp distortion throughout the entire LP that is pretty annoying. (Scarry Creme colored Deluxe Art Edition)

Pretty disappointed for 120 bucks. I requested an exchange, but rarely do things get rectified satisfactorily.

I put in for a copy from Amazon for the black vinyl and I guess a return will be necessary unless I receive a Euro pressing.

XL had had many problems with past pressings for the OK Not OK Computer and others. While they were responsive in the past, they've exchange LP's that were equally poor.

Amazon will perform a return at least, if needed.