Record Store Day Postponed Until June 20th, 2020

For obvious reasons, RSD 2020 scheduled for April 18th has been postponed until June 20th.

These next few stay at home weeks give everyone a chance to catch up and listen to every album bought but not listened to since forever.... lol

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unfortunately i’ll have to wait a lot longer for that “cherry bomb” vinyl but i can stream the legendary new jay electronica album in these 3 months. also in the meantime, i’ll continue ordering records online or go shopping with a face mask (if the stores even stay open... probably not).

yes, this is immensely disappointing but i’d rather not risk killing a fellow collector if i happen to spread the virus.

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I always walked around with a face mask on and a bottle of Stridex pads handy! lol
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RSD being delayed is not terrible or even inconvenient news to me. While I am a hardcore vinyl person, they never have anything I want on RSD. I know RSD is about supporting your local record store, which I agree with of course, but I show that support on several other regular days in the year. I'm an original pressing guy, just not interested in modern re-pressings.

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but when rsd has the first pressing of “cherry bomb” and also the bowie soul tour lp... yeah i’m lining up.

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Well, it looks like everybody will need to re-think RSD now.

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Now maybe they can get their Quality Control in order Now many paid a premium and got a warped record .

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On November 19th of last year I found absolutely no Warner Brothers Group vinyl in any St. Louis record store-they just didn't get there. I later learned it was a national problem. Sure hope they got their act together since then! It was apparently due to a change in distribution to a company called Direct Shot.This Pitchfork article has the scoop:
I thought you might be interested.