"Redbook" 16 bit/44.1K Version of Vivaldi Track Added to Mat Test

Analogplanet.com readers requested we post the "rebook" version of the Vivaldi Mandolin piece so there's a reference at the same sampling and bit rate as the "needle drops".

That has been posted to the original story.

But wait! There's more! You'll also find there a 192/24 bit needle drop of something else labeled "a gift for you" that I think you'll enjoy. It has nothing to do with the test. It's a big file because of the resolution so be patient. How does it sound?

Also, we'll reveal the mat identities on Monday.

potatoha's picture

I was hoping you would have swapped the left and right channel when you've uploaded the redbook version Mike. If the digital master's L/R channels are correct, either you have incorrectly wired somewhere in the chain of your system or the vinyl's pressed incorrectly?

Michael Fremer's picture
That slipped my noggin. I will check to see who screwed up: me or the vinyl mastering engineer and report back SIR!