Rega RP1 Turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phono Preamplifier From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Rega RP1 Turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phono Preamplifier from Music Direct (MSRP $620) we are giving away.

Get spinning vinyl in style with the Rega RP-1 turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phonostage. According to Music Direct, "this complete analog package gives you everything you need to play your records and transfer them into your computer."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

hdash's picture

This is exactly what I need! Boxes full of albums and no way to play them, help a brother out won't you?



zbskii's picture


mikerr's picture

I am due a new piece of equipment, this would be an awesome addition !

zaustin2's picture

This would be a wonderful upgrade to my Dual 704

Neumannu87's picture

I would love to have an RP-1 to go with my GCPH phono pre. Thanks!

springsyeti's picture

Heard you on twit.. Pick me and convert me..

ehdub's picture

Yes, Please!

Jay03043's picture

It would be great to win this!

Casey737's picture

Sure, I'll take one!

tandem_dude's picture


rharms's picture

I just discovered this site listening to twit tv.  You have rekindled my interest in analog.

Now, I need a turntable.


FlyhiG's picture

Good reading and good spinning for the new site. Those big black cd's still sounding good.

fenmaff's picture

I have a bunch of records, but no turntable. I really need this!

matthra's picture


mts's picture

can't afford a decent turntable. this one would be amazing.

hoenied's picture

I would love to have this one. 

thisisjohnbook's picture

Hello.  Frequent visitor, first time joiner.  Would love a chance to win a Rega.  Cheers.

xtreme4099's picture

Brick are you just listening to things in the office, and saying that you love them.


Do you really love music, or are you just saying that because you heard it?


1listener's picture

I recently purchased a new amp and speakers and would love to share a review of the Rega on

LProck's picture

I'd sure like to win! The college budget is a bummer =/

BlueSteelAudio's picture

My system is all digital at the moment; please send help!

musicisideas_ky's picture

Nice prize package! Crossing those fingers.....

realdiel's picture

Like the new site.  Would also like the turntable.

andryshak's picture

Just can't seem to come up with the money needed to get one........

mtb_ww's picture

I love British HiFi, especially the Rega analog gear!

Bainebear's picture

This will sound great  with my upgraded Jolida  502 tube amp!

Please choose me as I need to be able listen to some blues while dealing with  my  divorce!!

"My baby done left me all alone cuz I aged way before my time"

Jaman's picture


Nickbomb's picture

My daughter just asked me for a TT and this would be perfect!

tubesorsand's picture

I'd love to win this fine combo... would be the big boost my home system really needs!!!

dwhole's picture

This would be awesome to win!! Oggle...

VeroniqueD's picture

... but alas, I am broke ass poor. So while my ears can't stand music coming from crap sources, my wallet says silence will have to do... or maybe I could win this and life could be awesomastic!?

edwards5009's picture

I have an old Gemini XL400 belt drive turntable I bought years ago with a Shure cartridge. Recently purchased a Denon DL110 MC but haven't tried it out yet - would LOVE to hear it on the REGA with an NAD PP2 Step-up!

God Like's picture

I would LOVE to enter the vinyl world and this will get me there!!!!!! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help a person out

sdurfee's picture

Just watched Mikey's DVD on turntable setup.   Who knew he was such a comedian! The Julia Child's impersonation was spot-on.   I loved how many times he said "don't go crazy" in explaining how obssessive and anal people can get with settings (that includes me).  In all seriousness, this was a really well-done and informative tutorial on how to set up a turntable.    

One of the turntables he sets up is a Rega (he chooses 3 with differently levels of difficulty).    I wold love to have one.  Please pick me.   I don't have a dedicated set-up for recording and this would fit the bill!   Actually, I'm unhappy with the table I have so I'd probably put the Rega into my main system and use the USB phono stage with my current unit.

sambone's picture

MMM   vinyl

duhx99's picture

This would be a perfect way to break into the analog music scene!

Vraxoin's picture

...and nothing to spin it on currently.  Would love a new TT!  *sniffle*

jinuki1's picture


emontaghami's picture

I take one please.

B McLaughlin's picture


jocaar's picture

I'm here to win it!

robert malinka's picture

I love my vinyl send me this device and it will be treasured!


phernandoe's picture


axejazz's picture

Need new turntable to replay the hundreds of vinyl albums I have sitting in the basement. Will keep me from having to repurchase some great old and out-of-print jazz and classical music. Nice site, by the way.

dabaudio's picture

This would be a nice upgrade

PortHopeMan's picture

Alas, as i'm in Canada, guess that counts me out. Oh well, guess i'll have to buy one.

Great prize though.

liuj88's picture

Me too, please.

reddline's picture

Yes, please!

Uncle Bucks hat's picture

I want to win!

shermanscorner's picture

Simply stated, I would love to win. 

Thank you!

SPY's picture

Could you also throw in a McIntosh MA-6900? Thanks!

jonsvinyl's picture


bostonhistorian's picture

What a great prize.  Good luck everyone!

mdkellynz's picture

But maybe the RP1 is better - the only way I'll find out is if you give me this one to test 8-)

moon unit's picture

Needledrops here I come!

Bigboi1952's picture

This is a great combo to convert analog to digtal for those times when you can't spin vinyl, like in the car.  Listen to vinyl though.  Your ears will thank you.

sumisumi's picture


Chuck Martin's picture

Would be nice to win!

rbeard's picture

I would enjoy this turntable.

Boris Boukhonine's picture

Looks good!

nick4670's picture

I have always enjoyed Rega products.  Very musical.  Nice new site, Michael.  Thanks for helping keep Analog and Vinyl alive.

Otherworld74's picture

I want to go back where I started in the '70's - a new TT would help. Thanks!

nishit.nandankar's picture

I want one!

andrewryancassin's picture

Working on building my first proper stereo set-up. These pieces would definitely help.

anonymous2011's picture

need new turntable mine has a humm hummm

hu mmmmm   I hope I win!!!  I will buy some new phono interconnects IF I do win!!!

Isaachuffman's picture

I would like to win

spinman's picture

Wishing myself good luck at winning!!!

dgibbons3's picture

My Technics 1200s need an audiophile brother. 

ksmaguro's picture

Looking forward to listening on the new gear!

michael.kurcab's picture

Here's goes nothing.

sunshinestar2001's picture

My Music Hall turntable's motor just started making an awful shriek. I'm going to try to lube the proverbial shaft, but a new Rega would sure be a cooler solution. Cheers! -Tom

babybear's picture

It would be great to win!!

jrs1469's picture

Bring it on home!

PSecor's picture

I would like to compare this to my Denon DP60!'s picture

in to win!

graeme's picture

I have been letting my oldest son listen to my vinyl recently and he is getting more and more interested in it.  Would love to give him this turntable along with an original, unopened "Imagine" album I have that I bought as a kid and never played since I had a second one given to me as a gift.

LPspinner's picture


 Looking forward to visiting this 'planet' again and again. Good luck with it.


Neddog's picture

I will throw my hat into the ring.

denial's picture

Me please

azerk's picture

I've just started getting into all of this stuff while over here in Afghanistan.  This would be awesome to add to the setup I'm prepping for when I get back to the states!

Jajur's picture

I would play non-stop with my Naim Nait XS and Dynaudio Contour S1.4!

Analog Newb's picture

I would love to be able to listen to the records I have........this would be awesome!

PianoSteve's picture

Among many vinyl albums, I have a treasured collection of Beatles LPs pressed in Japan and would love to hear how they'd sound on this player!

R Browne's picture have this contest. Let fate decide. Thanks!

51514brad's picture

Ahh, yes, a turntable my wife will permit in the living room!

msorbe's picture

really need a new turntable................!!!

billmk's picture

Need to hear that analog sound again. My albums are currently resting to live another day. Sad, I know! 

lastgoodbye's picture

Sounds great. Just signed up, logged in, and would like to enter. Thanks for the offer!!!

toothface's picture


PaPoMuSiK's picture

A free Rega RP1?  Why not? Just what the doc ordered!!!!!!

deankeim's picture

Ooooo~ that is so nice I want to make love to it~ I would love to win one~!

kent47's picture

It's been over ten years since my Dual 1019 with Sure V15 Type Vmr has been useable.  The speed cannot hold constant.  I miss the vinyl sound.  This would be great to get me back "on the wagon!"  This would especially help out for the vinyl releases that have not been moved to CD, MP3 or high-resolution sound files (audio-files?).  Just think, you could save my sanity, brain and ears!  (Well, one out of three isn't bad.....if you happen to be talking about batting average.)  Thanks for the fish and "Enjoy the Music!"

deacondee's picture

I would be pleased to be presented with the prizes you have selected.


ijpdesign's picture

...and my son might even listen to some of my vinyl on this!!!

cybertred's picture

Had a Planar3 back in the 80's.  Upgraded to something much more expensive.  Curious on how much the Rega sound has progressed since.

KPulling's picture

a great, easy way to get into vinyl.  Count me in

jcrock7475's picture

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

krell's picture

Pick me, pick me! wink

classicalfun92's picture

Hello Employees Of Analog Planet & Music Direct,

Good Day To You All!

If yours truly is chosen as the recipient of this covetous prize, you can count on me to have and to hold, to cherish, nay, adore this immaculate conception of artistic design and brilliantly engineered handiwork to the utmost of my ability. I shall treat the phonograph as an offspring of my very own, and raise and nurture it with great care and endearment. You have my word.

I shan't violate her with the likes of unintelligent, distasteful melodies from the dingy lair of popular music icons, who tend to butcher their works with artificially conceived tones and sour, automatically-generated vocals. This would be an imposterous act, and such rubbish shall never touch the beautiful surface of this machine which seems as it has been gifted to this mortal world from the gods. 

One more time let me emphasize my longing for the possession of this superordinate music player with this simple analogy: Imagine a marsupial struggling to survive in the frigid klondike region of Canada, while attempting to care for her young. Though this animal has wandered far out of it's native environment and found itself in a predicament of seemingly insurmountable despair, it no less has an obligation to protect it's young and provide it with a mother's love and care at all costs than it did in it's native region. Because she has been entrusted with the care of this precious youth, she is unconditionally tied and held accountable to the result of this baby's existence. This is her only choice. Whether she enjoys attempting to sustain the child's lifespan or not, she must replace the desires of her heart with the needs of her offspring. She must place the child in her pouch and carry on as far as she can with the intent of reaching her home once again. Likewise, I would treat the entrustment of this fantastic turntable in the same manner. Please, allow me to "place the child in my pouch" and become one with the device. I believe she would be happy to have me as her loving master and accompany me on the journey through the cold, dark region of life, as she pleases me with her sweet melodies and encourages me to trudge on to the finish.


Thank You For Your Consideration.

-JR (Lover of Music)

mikew's picture

rega me

Kabir's picture

Mr. Fremer, Thanks for continuing to provide analog info in an increasingly digital world.

jrivenba's picture

since I've listened to my vinyl collection.

This would be a great way to get back into the groove!

scientus's picture

Having some modern equipment would be nice!

dburbano's picture

enlightenedThanks for the opportunity to do what must be done!cheeky

vinyl's picture

I am a newbie to vinyl and have I would love to win the Rega player and Amp. I have just subscribed to the Stereophile digital. I use your reviews as a way to buy stuff. I would love to win. I can not stand mp3 or cd that flat and lifeless. I am now buying Vinyl left and right so I can really how the artists was trying to produce the music!!!

kendpotter's picture

Please, please pick me!!!

Back2Vinyl's picture

I will win, no doubt...thanks in advance for the great gear!...wink and for all those who helped me win this great gear I thank you; I thank my mom and dad for bringing me into this world so I would win this great gear....thanks to everyone...smiley

TMSUKO's picture

Would love to win this so I can intorduce my nephews to vinyl.

eric1920's picture

I've been eye balling this record player for a good little while. I've got a mountain of vinyl that hasn't been played in years and ready to readjust the ears back to that analog wave where everythings warmer minus the 0's and 1's and digitized decay but need a fine machine like this rega to make it happen!

Stevieray's picture

I so need this to complete my all British hi-fi setup!  Long live Rega, Naim, Quad, and all others!

wadestark's picture

Good luck everybody :)

jek's picture

I would love to win so I can give it to my wife's cousin, who's current turntable only tracks with a nickel on the headshell!!  HELP ME SAVE HER RECORDS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

only analog for me's picture

Nice site Mike, what I say is, its about time all us appreciaters of real music, not silicon approximations, had a site dedicated to the persuit of musical excellence through the use of a diamond ploy in a vinyl drainage ditch, who knew we were so right in being retro? good luck and many thanks.

thefinalsound's picture

Loving the new site, keep up the good posting!

howardk's picture

What a Deal!

bianca6303's picture

I was already planning on buying one

but it would be really cool if I won one...

aaayc0407's picture

This is a very cool prize

nqdenise's picture

My parents recently pulled down all the vinyl I had as a kid from the attic, and gave them to me, I'd love to win this and play these things!

123Bian123's picture

heart Vinyl heart

Illinois Superman 13L's picture

Just started with you after the Home Theater Geeks podcasts. What a wonderful site for us Geezer Geeks! Love all  music 'cept Gangster Rap. Been collecting since 1965 Rubber Soul purchase! Glad to have found the site!