Replacement For Per Madsen's Rackit Record Storage System!

When Per Madsen decided to retire a few years ago, thousands of record collectors wished him well but with great sadness. One of the sturdiest, most attractive and convenient record storage systems would no longer be manufactured.

Fortunately Madsen said what he'd invented wasn't really patent-able and that if someone wanted to copy it and start manufacturing them again, they were free to do so.

Now Jef Fowler of TwoCan HiFi is again making them out of sturdy, solid oak. Based on what they look like, they are an exact duplicate of Madsen's racks. A single modular rack holding about 100 LPs costs $59.95. There are other accessories available just as Madsen offered including a dolly, a base and a top, among others.

Check them out at TwoCanHiFi.

I'll soon be ordering some and I'll let you know how they stack up (sorry, couldn't help myself).

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These look great, thanks for the heads-up

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For another alternative, check out Pierre Sprey's solution at Mapleshade:  150 LP storage for $75.00, stackable, solid oak.

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This was my best find of the summer, when I was moving apartment. They're from IKEA, and are called EXPEDIT shelving units. Perhaps useful for people looking for more 'furniture-like' LP storage? From only $40-$140, which is the bit I liked the most.


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Presumably you are referring to the EXPEDIT units. I'm currently using a 2x4 model laid down, and next to a 2x2 model but I need more space.

Remember kids, if you use the large 4x4 model, orient it after assembly such that the LP's shelves are supported not by pegs but by the short boards running vertically (i.e., horizontal boards run continously all the way from L to R). Orient it the other way and the whole thing will break and fall down one day!

The photo in this blog entry shows what will happen if you position the 4x4 model "wrong" :

Note that the commentary blissfully ignores the issue of the orientation being wrong, it just damns the whole EXPEDIT product unecessarily. Nevertheless, be wary of only spending $100 to store several hundred dollars (or more) worth of LPs, not to mention your health.

Years ago Stereophile recommended STEN shelves and TOTTE boxes from IKEA. I still have several of the TOTTE boxes. Amazingly sturdy.

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I use IVAR shelving from IKEA too. It's incredibly sturdy and reasonably priced but it must be placed on a solid flat surface and shimmed if necessary to prevent rocking. It's also a good idea to anchor it to the back wall as recommended. However, the Per Madsen Rackits are the best looking and most convenient solution by far in my opinion and I will be buying more of these from this new source and reporting back on the quality.

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I agree with Mike; the IVAR shelves seem like the best value to me; I have some that have been in use for about 30 years and they are still as sturdy as ever.  They take up less space than the Expedit that many vinyl lovers seem to favour but they are not as well finished, if you like the cheap veneer that IKEA uses.  My only beef with them is that when a shelve is quite full, it can be hard to flip through the records; I would like to figure out a way to put some dividers on them, maybe split each shelve into three sections.

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I too was going to recommend IKEA's XPEDIT.  I was very happy to come across it during one visit and 3-4 years in I'm still a very happy.  I have the biggest model, the 5x5 which has been fully stacked with vinyl since the day I assembled it, and have not had any problems.  It does lean a little since my floor is uneven, which is my fault since I didn't even out the floor with some spacers but since installing I have wedged some in, and to provide additional piece of mind I've put a little piece of wood between the leaning side of the unit and the door jam (only about 8 inches away).

I like it because it is flat on all sides, and the vinyl can be nicely recessed if you prefer... like my 3 year old son likes to do from time to time (UGGGH!).  

Regarding the pic in the blog linked above... as one person noted on the blog page, whoever assumed that unit did so sideways. It doesn't matter how it was displayed in the store, the instructions clearly show what are the bottom/top pieces and what are the sides.  It just proves that there are two poor assemblers, the one at IKEA and that person.  Plus, they do give you wall braces that can connect the unit to your wall to make sure it doesn't fall over.

This may sound like I'm some sort of shill for IKEA.  I'm not.  I'm jut a happy customer who appreciates not having to spend thousands of dollars just to hold my vinyl as I'd rather spend that on more vinyl.  (Of course, at some point I should look into seeing how much a local carpenter would charge as it may not be beyond $1000 especially in this economy.)

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I bought the cherry long rack for $60.00 @ ; very attractive and holds 100+ LPs.

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...use it for a template and DIY the rest.


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We have 25 of these marvelous, configurable, easily moved racks.  I really do hope that Jeff's making them to spec - how else can the new ones join the platter party with all Pers units in the field?  Many of could use more tops, or wheel bases than we originally got so I'm really hoping they will all match up.

Jeff's in Oregon, home of WOOD, hoping it's good!

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I have bought and use a few of Jef's pieces. They fit and match my original 50 or so pieces. I helped Jef (by ordering one and sending photos of my Per originals) with the caster bases. I also suggested that Jef contact our host since I noticed he uses Per's racks. 

Order without fear. Jef is a good guy who makes a great and much-missed product.

Thin Man

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It just goes to show that you can't save people from themselves...

There is nothing wrong with the IKEA EXPEDIT units and I would highly recommend them at their price point. I have eight such units and enjoyed them for years with no issues. If the unit on that website had been assembled, installed, and retained to the wall PER THE INSTRUCTIONS and had they heeded the WEIGHT LIMIT requirements this collapsed unit would not have happened. A little common sense really goes a long way.

Happy Listening and record storage!

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Anybody interested in buying some Rackit pieces? I have several of the CD drawer units and several of the cassette units (which also hold DATs quite nicely) that I'd like to sell.