Revox Re-Enters the Turntable Market With T700

Revox recently introduced the $4000 T700, its first new turntable in many years. The company's first platter spinner, the Revox 60 was originally introduced in 1956. A series of tangential trackers followed. The new T700, manufactured in Germany, features a built-in MC phono preamplifier and comes standard with an Ortofon Quintet Bronze moving coil cartridge.

The T700 also features an approximately 6 pound POM platter riding atop an aluminum, subplatter, a "high-precision" electronic PLL speed control (33 1/3/45rpm) with contact-free optical sensor, a backlit touch sensor controlled control panel and a tonearm made of "high grade metals" with a carbon fiber arm wand. A hinged, solid acrylic platter is also included, along with an accessory kit that features a stylus pressure gauge, spirit bubble level, and a carbon fiber record brush.

The built-in phono preamp includes 6 loading options: 47,100,220,470, 1k and 2k Ohms and 4 input sensitivity settings: 150µV, 300µV, 600µv and 1.2µv. All phono preamp adjustments are via rear panel DIP switches.

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the table and arm are an OEM or Revox build/assembly.

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... an OEM unit made by Clearaudio.

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What exactly is ReVox in this day and age? It used to be affiliated with Studer (a sub-brand?), but that was a long time ago. Brand names get bought and sold, and often lose any connection to their antecedents: RCA comes to mind...

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Not sure of the marketing sense of this. It might have made sense to have a model at $1K as well as there are many great tables at $4K that already have a great track record that might be tough to compete with.

If they had come out with an affordable R2R that would have been something.

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In 1990 Willi Studer sold the Studer Revox Group to Motor-Columbus AG, including all subsidiary companies. In 1991, Motor-Columbus split the Studer Revox Group into Studer (Pro), Revox (HiFi) and a Manufacturing-division. Motor-Columbus sold several subsidiaries and plants.

The extensive reorganization culminated in the sale of the Studer Group to Harman International Inc., in March 1994. The Revox Group was excluded and sold to private investors. On March 17, 1994, Harman International Industries completed its acquisition and acquired from Motor-Columbus AG 100% of Studer Revox AG.

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... hinged?

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What is acrylic and hinged is probably the cover. It is the editor who is un-hinged, along with the platter.

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"input sensitivity settings: 150µV, 300µV, 600µv and 1.2µv"

Shouldn't that last figure be 1.2mv?

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Looks like a PAP Project... Don't know if it's a good idea to use again this name linked to the terrible 791 & 795 ...

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It's a brand that has earned a lot of affection over the years, but for their reel to reels and cassette decks, not turntables, so this warrants a meh. Now, if Revox brought back the B215, I think all the tapeheads would go into a frenzy, but there's an ice cube in hell's chance of that happening!