Rhino To Release September 18th Coltrane's Giant Steps 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition on 2 LPs

AnalogPlanet readers need to introduction to this groundbreaking album, Coltrane's first for Atlantic recorded shortly after his participation in Kind of Blue. The packaging and presentation are "first class" and include a booklet with new, never before seen photos and an essay by jazz historian Ashley Kahn. The jacket and label art replicate the original's.

The second LP contains 8 alternative takes. If you order through Rhino.com they'll include a 7" single with alternate takes of "Giant Steps" and "Naima". The 2 LP set costs $31.98.

However, the press blurb does not include who mastered the LPs, or from what source, or who pressed. This is becoming a nasty Rhino habit and as far as I'm concerned, it's bad not just for consumers, it's bad for Rhino's reputation.

UPDATE: My Rhino contact says John Webber at AIR Studios, London cut lacquers. Haven't gotten the source yet. However he also cut lacquers for the mono Coltrane box set and those came out really well and they omitted My Favorite Things because that master no longer exists.

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"Stay away form the chicken! BAAD chicken!"

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What's going on with the suits at Rhino? More than 10 years ago they were doing fantastic reissues, good at informing customers what they were getting with hype sticker descriptions, and "RTI" pressing labels on the sleeves. A lot has happened in that time with the vinyl reissue boom, seems like Rhino doesn't get it anymore, people today, more than ever, want to know what they're buying.

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As you probably are aware of, Rhino reissued this a number of years ago with Kevin Gray doing the mastering and cutting, all analog. I have it and it's very good, but aside from quieter surfaces, it's not nearly as magical as my original "bullet" label Atlantic stereo.

And Bernie Grundman remastered several years back at 45rpm on two discs. I think that also might have been for Rhino.

Will Rhino reuse the KG plates?

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All I know is "most" everything I have on The Rhino label, older reissues especially with Bill Inglot's name on it, sounded flat, hollow, bottomless, topless and lifeless to my ears. I'd make the purchase, since in many cases it was the only way to get it, but more often than not my ears weren't pleased but what do I know?

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I am certainly not a big Rhino fan. I have three versions of this already including a 24/192 digital file. I am not in a hurry to buy #4. Trane was an a fabulous sax player but I'm not sure why everyone swoons at his name. He left all of us behind in his later years searching for lord knows what. You can make a chair look like anything but in order to be useful it has to stay within certain proportions. The trick is to make a new chair that is useful. The trick is to make new music that is listenable. Anyone can play tennis without a net.
Wayne Shorter talks to me with his sax. I can always identify him in an instant. He left his indelible mark everywhere. He always makes a chair I can sit in.

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It’s personal preference

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What is Rhino hiding.
Thanks, No Thanks Rhino.

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I've had an almost irrational love for this record nearly all my life, but I fail to see the need for another go-round. The past two decades have seen it included in stereo and mono box sets, plus a 2 x 45rpm edition and a Classic Records version. And decent, reasonably-priced Atlantic copies are all over eBay. For goodness sake Rhino stop answering questions nobody's asking.

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I missed the Classic Records version, I didn’t know there was one.

But yes there are numerous Rhino versions in “recent” times - I recall the Heavyweight Box, Heavyweight Box v 2 @180gm, the KG cut about 18 years ago? Then there was the 2*45 and may be one other before the Mono box, and the hi-Rez digital. Is this going to be any better?

I personally feel frustrated by the sound of many of the Atlantic Jazz reissues I have bought of Mingus, Coltrane and Coleman and wonder why. Whether it is the Rhino or ORG issues.

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Can’t find an indication anywhere that such a Giant Steps existed.

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This is what happens when you go from memory rather than looking it up. I was mistaken. Sorry if I sent anyone rushing over to eBay or Discogs.

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Yes, again. you realize the other editions are long out of print, and even the 2017 mono is sold out. what are record stores supposed to sell if all the classic jazz titles are not available?

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Rizlas, t-shirts and incense. Obviously. Oh wait that was 1977. Never mind.

I get your point and I don't disagree, but on the other hand clean used copies of Giant Steps are plentiful. As are really awful new pressings. Now the Gentle Giant 2LP compilation, also called Giant Steps, is much harder to find. Though you could probably snag one if you offered Rizlas, t-shirts and incense. See what I did there?

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on the labels to be transparent about mastering and source! The customers need this, otherwise we don’t buy.

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OK Happy Will, will everyone who has listened to Ascension all the way through raise their hands!
I have. Once. Trying desperately to grab on to something, anything my meager brain could understand.

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Presumably you're aware that the initial release was the 2nd take but Coltrane later decided he preferred the 1st take, so subsequent releases were "Edition II"?

And yes, I have listened to both more than once but admit it's not among my favorites. But to build on your original comment: some music is not a "comfy" chair and requires standing up. Agree, sometimes gets a bit tedious -- and I personally feel that there was a lot of self indulgent "free" blowing sessions in the wake of Coltrane's passing by much lesser talents.

If interested in trying to better understand Coltrane's later music try listening to 'First Meditations (For Quartet)' and then listen to the later version of 'Meditations' that was released at the time.

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but one of my top-10 jazz LP's, too.

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Hard to pick a favorite Coltrane, but I LOVE this lp. And my son's middle name is Coltrane. So I'm raising both hands.

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And if not the 2008 Universal fire, I think there was an earlier fire elsewhere when the original tapes were lost. Regardless, no info on how this release was made = no sale.

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There was a fire that destroyed many Atlantic tapes in 1978. According to Wikipedia these were session multi-tracks, session outtakes, alternate versions, etc. and not the original master recordings. So many unreleased recordings from those sessions were lost which is probably why "complete" Atlantic recordings boxsets for musicians like Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman have few previously unreleased material.

Fortunately Giant Steps outtakes survived and were found for the Heavyweight Champion boxset -- perhaps because the session tapes had been pulled for preparation of the 1974 Alternate Takes album and never found their way back to storage?

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Atlantic did have a fire on the east coast years earlier but most tapes survived. When Rhino did the mono Coltrane box set they omitted the mono "My Favorite Things" because that tape was destroyed. "Giant Steps" in mono and stereo survived
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I find Rhino to be one of the best reissue labels. Their recent Stooges Funhouse sessions 45 rpm cut version of the album simply surpasses every other copy. They provide great value for the money. Their Ramones reissues, Coltrane mono box or Ornette Coleman were excellent and a steal at the price.
I have originals of mostly everything they reissue and Rhino doesn’t disappoint. Their attention to detail from accurate cover reproductions through even replicated inner sleeves can’t be faulted.
Michael, you carry a lot of weight when it comes to vinyl reissues. When you even hint that something is questionable, it get’s manipulated and suddenly people start spreading misinformation.

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I’m gonna skip this one and save my money for the next Kind if Blue reissue. I think it will be special “100th Reissue Edition.”

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To me, Rhino is Nice Legacy, Nice Cover, NO QUALITY.

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Until they release the details that the Vinyl community demands, put them on hold. If there was cut from or mastered using original analog tape, the engineer and pressing plant information they would use that to market the release, added value without much cost and they know this. I would question why? Again the mega holders are repeating the sins that the reliable repeatable customers distain, only one way to convince them to change, let them sit on their shelves. Keep the pressure on Mike!

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You can go to Rhino's page and leave a comment or ask a question. The more people who bug them the better. I asked about this and NEW YORK. We shall see.

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I can’t understand why Rhino isn’t immediately forthcoming with the information regarding source material, the mastering engineer, or where it was pressed unless they’ve got something to hide. It sounds like a very cool 2xLP set plus a 7”, but I hesitate to drop any money until said information is released. For $30 it unfortunately almost sounds too good for the stars to quite align, and all 3 topics to come out sparkling with answers we like or even accept.

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Answers. Well, at least one.

There’s a CD version of the 60th Anniversary set out now:

Per the Discogs notes, the remastering was done by John Webber. I have the CD set; its liner notes state John Webber, AIR Studios, London. The CD set does not state the s
ource. FWIW, a clear, crisp remix. Webber’s bio on the AIR Studios site does not list the GS work.

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Cut lacquers for this too. He also did the mono Coltrane box set and that came out swell
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Is there any clarification yet on the source for this reissue?

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Eager to buy this if it's any good. Any word?

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After MANY delays finally got it last week. I will remind everyone that "cut from digital" will also yield great pressings. And this one, at least on my gear and to my ears sounds fantastic. Silent too. Cut from digital? who cares - some of the best sounding albums of the first vinyl era came out at a time pros recorded digital but digital reproduction was yet not available to the consumer. Lenny's Mahler Cycle? Cut from digital. Most of Denon's Classical releases? Cut from digital. Peter Gabriel's Security? Cut from digital. All some of the best sounding LPs. Give this one a chance.