Rolling Stones Box Set Review Files Identified

The unidentified file comparisons posted in the Rolling Stones Studio Album Collection review are revealed here.

"SMU1" and "TD2" are the original pressings of "Start Me Up" and "Tumbling Dice". The other two are from the box set. That is all.

volvic's picture

Yes, I too preferred the second tumbling dice, fuller sound and less bright. Still, if I were a bona fide Stones fan I’d be buying the box set if I didn’t have the originals.

Bernd's picture

I am happy to see the identification, as I preferred the first version of 'Start me up', and this is the copy I have on my shelf. Thus, to my ears, the original sounds better than the remaster from the new box (on my decent computer speakers at least).

bwright's picture

And what do you know - I preferred the remasters.

To each their own. I'm buying the box!

Paulix's picture

The decay of the first cymbal splash is more natural, hence I prefer the original too.