Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh Shares With AnalogPlanet Readers Two Tracks From Upcoming AAA Album

Jerome Sabbagh's upcoming album is not yet pressed but will be shortly, recorded live to 30 IPS, 1/2" two-track by James Farber with lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman from the original master tapes and pressed at QRP.

In the meantime, Mr. Sabbagh gave us two files to share so you can check out the music. The files sound very good, he wrote, but " I think the lacquer reference beats it by quite a bit. Everything just feels more right: the balance of everything, the tones of instruments. It feels more realistic. I am really happy with the test cut and can’t wait to hear the whole record." The Kickstarter funding has ended with goal met.

Here are the two tracks:

"No Road"

"You Are On My Mind"

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This is Jerome Sabbagh writing.

I want to thank Michael Fremer for writing about this new project. I alsoI want to thank the readers of Analog Planet, whose support on the Kickstarter has been outstanding. I am truly grateful for your support and I hope you will enjoy the music.

In case anyone is interested, you can now preorder "No Filter" here. We are shooting for an October release. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you missed the Kickstarter and interested in any of the other options.

I am happy to answer any and all questions and thrilled to be able to see this entirely analog vinyl come to life!

Thanks again!

Jerome Sabbagh

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What's the story with the kid doing a doughnut on some unknown-to-me two smoke motorbike? My buddies and love the cover! The music kicks ass too. Thanks for keeping the analog flame burning Jerome.

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Credit for the cover goes to photographer Christophe Darbelet and designer Jerome Witz. I was given options for the cover by the label Bee Jazz, which initially produced the record (although they went bankrupt later) and I picked the photograph. I actually hired the same team for the design of "No Filter", we are working on it right now ...

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These files sound excellent, just playing through my iPhone, DragonFly Black and Etymotic IEMs. Can't wait for my kickstarter-backed vinyl to arrive. Congrats Jerome!

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Can't wait for the vinyl Jerome! Have fun in Europe.

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Jerome is one of my favorite modern jazz artists and i look forward to adding "No Filter" to my collection.