Sim Audio's Costa Koulisakis Gives Us a "Tour" of the Moon 888 Monoblock Amplifier

What's inside a monoblock amplifier that costs $120,000 a pair? Sim Audio's Vice President-Customer Experience and part owner of the company (he's been there for 18 years) Costa Koulisakis removes the cast top cover and gives us a tour.

The "888" stands for power output into 8 ohms. It doubles to 1776 into 4 ohms and doubles again to 3552 watts (!) into 2 ohms, assuming your electrical system is up to the task (mine is not!).

You may ask "Who buys this stuff?" and answer your own question with "No one!" But you'd be wrong. AnalogPlanet editor and Stereophile senior contributing editor Michael Fremer had to wait almost a year to get these review samples while Sim Audio filled consumer orders.

Review upcoming in a future issue of Stereophile.

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disappointed we didn't get a shot of your face when you cranked these monsters up Michael! Next time? What fun!.
Curious how far off we might be from the engineers of this stuff to begin moving to water-cooled amps.

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... almost five times the price of a pair of McIntosh MC1.25KW amps?

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...dat mutt be barkin' ... hint!!! ... or else, (s)ha's gonna raise a leg on that Moon.

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How dare you :-). Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She is one loud, talky bitch! But such a great dog..
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That’s why we have two!

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That’s why we have two!

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Why don't you have a super high end power amp comparison review; the Naim Statement, the new D'Agostino Relentless, the Constellation Hercules, the Audionet Heisenberg and the Ypsilon Phaethon. That lot would be a fascinating read for your audience.

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