SME Importer Bluebird Music Reduces Prices on All SME Turntables and Tonearms

North American SME importer Bluebird Music recently announced "significant" across the board price reductions on all SME products, effective November 23, 2018.

For instance, the SME Model 10 (pictured above), with the world famous 309 tonearm included, now sells for under $9,000. The SME 15 with 309 arm now costs $11,590 ($14,790 Canadian).

For more SME information visit Bluebird Music.

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in the world!

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It can sound a little dead at times and does require a brighter cartridge to bring out its potential. I am glad that Bluebird music has lowered prices. When Sumiko ran the show their prices were obscenely overpriced, I suspect this is why Acoustic Sounds had such high prices for their products. I believe their tonearms are stellar and at $2,600 for the IV is a good price, lower even better. I got both my new ones for half that as well as an M2-9 bnib from someone who abandoned his project for $800. Great products and great service. Hope they sell lots.

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I took the click bait.

Got the Bluebird site, no prices listed, you have to go to a dealer.

If you want them to tell you the name of the nearest dealer, they ask for...

Telephone number
Brand I am enquiring about....this is fair enough.
Details of my enquiry
How I found their site.

I just wanted a click to a dealer's site and see these new prices.

For grins, try finding their USA price list without giving up any personal info.

I am sure I overlooked something, but, dang.

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It is I bought my arms from him, good guy. He's still allowed to sell them but no longer carries the turntables. I think his rates are inline or at the very least close to probably what Bluebird offers. They are good people at Bluebird and no doubt busy but I must agree I do wish they had listed their rates online.

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and their prices have risen somewhat since I last checked. I sure am glad I got my arms at those sale prices a few years ago.

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It is folks - we should not have to be paying this kind of crazy money for "okay" gear. Audiophile is way out of control due to the reviewers getting freebies. Freebies that they just end up selling off to buy their next cool purchase just like us.

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Yes, we could argue about the SME 30 and even the 20, but as an owner of the 10 and numerous tonearms - especially their tonearms, there is a quality of construction that many others cannot match. You can find a used SME 309 or IV for around $1100 - $1,600, it has been around since the 80's and still going strong on numerous tables, and they will last you a lifetime and be all the turntable and tonearm you will ever need. Amortize that over 20 years and it is suddenly not much money.

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Maybe starting to crack or leak? I really feel almost ALL audio prices are way too high. The basis is where prices were at say 5-10yrs ago, some things have almost doubled in price. This makes no sense as cost of living and mfg have not gone up that much...sure some will say demand, which plays a part but if consumers eventually do not buy into it, then demand is really not there.

You can list your house for $500K but if offers are at $400K well then you know what you need to do.
There are two TTs I have my eye on but they go for almost $4K, I'm not paying that nor will I ever pay that....So I'm waiting for the bubble to burst, and I think it will.
This is a hobby, not a car that I need to get back and forth to work in.

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