So You Want to Buy a Record Store?

Classic Records founder and current owner of Elite Distribution as well as the record store High Fidelity in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles is looking to sell the store.

Hobson told this to me in person at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach this past June. I told him I'd pass this offer on to analogplanet readers. As for the price, or what the books will reveal, that will be between Hobson and anyone reading this who might be interested.

Meanwhile, here's the store video posted this past March to the Analogplanet YouTube channel:

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How do you make a small fortune? Take a large fortune and buy a record store. ;)

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"The Underachievers Guide To Very Small Business Opportunities".

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Perhaps Hobson sees the trend of specialty vinyl, or vinyl being thought of as 'special', eclipsing. As with any trend, once it goes mainstream, desired by the masses, profit shrinks per unit and quantity sales become the only way to make a real living as more suppliers enter the fray.

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High Fidelity store sales for the period Jan-June 2016 are 22% higher then for the same period in 2015.