Soundmatters' "Moment" Is A Mini Bluetooth Speaker Sensation

True that Bluetooth speakers are not AnalogPlanet's beat, but over the past few years I've found these devices super-useful for when I jog, or when traveling or just sitting outside during the summer. Longtime AnalogPlanet readers know that for large box Bluetooth speakers I like the ones from Riva Audio, but even the smaller of the two is too large for taking on a jog or a hike. For that I've used the Soundmatters FoxL , which is a flat-out amazing sounding tiny stereo speaker that uses as a "passive radiator" its flat battery encased in a rubber surround.

The FoxL is small enough to be carried on a jog but the new Moment from Soundmatters makes a better fit for a shirt pocket and is easier to grip in one's hand. It's also in a carbon fiber infused case that's more impervious to damage. Though it doesn't have the FoxL's exterior "passive radiator", something inside the thing has a seemingly large excursion that produces if not bass as deep, bass that's equally satisfying (as long as you're not expecting the impossible).

The Moment's form factor and its pleasing timbral balance, surprising dynamic punch, plus its ability to play ridiculously loud without distortion or compression (for its size and beyond, but in a near field listening situation only) make it a really attractive small portable Bluetooth speaker that I'm comfortable packing in a suitcase without worrying that it might get squashed like the FoxL's protruding speaker grill once did (I took the case apart and pushed it back out but....).

I have taken it on a few recent trips and have enjoyed streamed music in my hotel rooms via iTunes, TIDAL and SiriusXM. The remarkably wide and smooth frequency response produced enjoyable sonics beyond what one might expect from so compact a speaker. The Moment made my trips much more pleasant and without any worries about damage. The Moment's frame is stronger and its flat architecture make it a better suitcase or briefcase fit, especially since it's also surprisingly thin.

It pairs easily with a phone or computer and stays connected over a considerable distance (an adjacent room, but I didn't measure). The built-in magnets allow it to attach to a refrigerator or other magnetically attracted metal surface and it can be charged either via a USB cable plugged directly in, or wirelessly on an Energizer® stand that is normally a $49 option but through January of 2017 comes free.

The Moment has an MSRP of $249 but through January it's $169 including the wireless charger/stand, the angle of which makes it perfect for desktop listening. A fully depleted battery charges in about ninety minutes. A charge is supposed to give you about ten hours of play.

But wait! There's more! I ran into the Soundmatters Veep of sales+marketing at The New York Audio Show. He handed me a Moment to try and said if I reviewed it, I could offer AnalogPlanet readers an additional 10% off on the Moment or the FoxL or any other product you find at the Soundmatters store. Use the promo code: SOMACHEER.

Sound matters was founded by the late, great Dr. Godhead Guenther, who passed away in 2014, and who many of you might know as the founder of the loudspeaker company ADS, best known for compact bookshelf speakers and car audio speakers including the legendary ADS "power plate" speakers developed by Michael Kelly who now owns Aerial Acoustics. Dr Guenther literally was a "rocket scientist" who also worked for NASA. I'm glad the company continues on after his passing, especially with cool products like the Moment, which makes a great stocking stuffer (I'm stuffing mine with one).

Here are a pretty amazing specs, which you will find live up to the claimed numbers:

,Battery Life: up to 10 hours, or more (Bluetooth Off, 76dB @ 0.5m)
Charging Time (Energizer Charging Stand) ~90 minutes to full charge
Weight: 7.0 oz
Frequency Response: 70-20kHz +/-3dB @ .5m
• Width: 4.75″
• Height: 2.25″
• Depth: 0.75″

Output Level:
97dB @ 0.5m 5V
94dB @ 0.5m 3.6V

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Is there a coupon code for the 100% discount?

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Ha! 10%

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Where's the 10% code hiding. I'd love that.

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...grants 10% off Soundmatters, store-wide.

Happy Listening,

- Soundmatters Support (

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Just added it to the story.
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Just added it to the story.
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What is the coupon code for the discount?

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...grants 10% off Soundmatters, store-wide.

Happy Listening,

- Soundmatters Support (

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Just click the Soundmatters Store link, it'll take you to $169 page.

Also: This looks cool and "professional" but I have a hard time believing it's twice (cost) as a good as the UE Roll 2. I'm amazed by the sound from that thing and you can beat it to hell (arguably the best purpose of a BT speaker..)

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Hi beercanchicken,

UE Roll 2 is great for LOUDNESS; Moment is great for sound quality.

Purchase a Moment. If for any reason it doesn't meet your listening satisfaction, you are welcome to return it.

If you're looking for an ultra-portable speaker that doesn't compromise on dynamic range and sonic fidelity, you will be happy with your purchase of a Moment.

somacheer = 10% off, storewide.

Happy Listening,

- Soundmatters Support (

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As a man with a gadget problem, I look forward to checking out the Moment..
The UE Roll was a real eye opener for me in terms of Bluetooth sound quality, it questioned a lot of my biases and really gave me hope for the future of the technology. If this builds on that, I'd say the future of wireless audio looks much better than many people thought!
thanks for the info and discount!

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I was gifted the Eton Ruckus xtreme a year ago, this is another great sounding (relatively speakering of course) bt unit that also features solar rechagability.

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I was listening to some YouTube sound samples of each. I don't need THE most portability, but would like something that would not annoy my hifi sensibilities (I don't need headbanging bass).

The Moment and Dash 7 seem more even in tone, while the FoxLV 2.2 has a slight upper bass hump, for perhaps a more psycho-acoustically pleasing sound from a small unit.

Say, within 5 feet away, a distance that all of these supposedly can handle, which one will sound the best?

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after countless positive reviews I decided to add a pair of the B6's to my set-up and good lord they sound good....I run a Fluance RT81, which I upgraded to cartridge one step from the AT95 to the AT100, Accuphase c-200 preamp>Accuphase p-300 amp>Soundcraftsment a100 amp>pair of Elac B6's and pair of The Advent Loudspeakers and I certainly don't need a sub. The distortion free pressure these create is along with my Advents is staggering and the soundstage is unreal. Highly recommended. Also the Fluance RT81 needs more coverage b/c it is an excellent table (especially for the money - $250).

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I was not aware that he had passed away. He was a terrific guy with an awesome sense of humor. I still have a pair of L1530's with his C2000 crossover. Sorry to hear he is gone.

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I bought mine with the charger using your coupon code after Christmas and it got here today. Sets up in a snap and sounds great. Thanks for the great recommendation. Skip

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I bought one of these it it worked for about six months.

I then sent it in for a free repair but had to pay shipping.

Then two months later it broke again with a charging issue. At that point I gave up and would never buy anything from this company again.