Soundstage Direct $100 Gift Certificate Sweepstakes

Register to win one of four Soundstage Direct $100 Gift Certificates (MSRP $100.00 each) we are giving away.

Click here for more info about Soundstage Direct.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on this website. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column (under the ads). Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

booboos's picture

Yes Please

bhartley's picture

I could really use that certificate!

Shaffer's picture


jnani's picture

Sweepstakes, that is.

MoChicken's picture

I'm in

mikerr's picture

it sounds Great

alacayo22's picture

hope I win!

terrybbagit's picture

I just made a purchase there I love

jeffrosen's picture

One of the best of all the mail order companies

analoguy's picture

me, me....

davidmreyes77's picture

This would make for a great birthday present!

firedog55's picture

could definitely use this

HiFiMark's picture

I shall win!

Mistermuse1's picture

Me please.

moon unit's picture

Woukd love to win a gift certificate from SoundStage Direct.

malosuerte's picture

with a gift card

Jawa's picture

I hope I win.

johnbal's picture

Maybe this is it!

CarterB's picture

Pick me

mfant's picture

Great drawing! What a great idea.

John G's picture

Great opportunity.

christpher.reid's picture

I could use some new Music!!!!

vinylvin's picture

I'm in.

bprochford's picture

Let's win this one.

mpego's picture

Finally a sweepstake that may be won by a non-US resident? I hope so!

Steve Arnold's picture

Great company to buy from

badboss429's picture

I'm in!

jamey_pearson's picture

Just give me the gift card, now!

Puffer Belly's picture

A great prize!

DocSamG's picture

This is the best place I have found to get LPs from.  Great service.

Paul Boudreau's picture



Bigrasshopper's picture

Thank you

Yogamarc's picture

 Saw this and STP "Core" pre-order. A little Sound Stage cash would be great!

guymambo's picture

Count me in!

Zardoz's picture

Hope I win. Need the new Bowie LP.

liuj88's picture

Me, please,.

tnert's picture

Thank You

MrRom92's picture

Would love to add some new LPs to the collection!

wfkthree's picture

This would be nice!

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Mfalcon's picture

I love stuff!

ster4610's picture

I'm in!

garymckee's picture

$100 would be nice

J.D.'s picture

contest entry

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planarhead's picture

Count me in, there's a lot on my wish list! Thanks Soundstage Direct, Analog Planet, Jon Iverson and everyone else involved.

alan shulman's picture

I'm in

mj452312's picture

Thank you!

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fredbro44's picture

This is the place 100% vinyl ! Go Seth!

kewilson7's picture

Have ordered from them before.  Excellent place to buy new vinyl.

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madoco's picture

I'm feelin lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hailhalehail's picture

This comment is a very good comment, worthy of a prize. wink

SwoopyD's picture

Would love to be a winner!

recoil's picture

Especially to a place I can buy music.

Devil Doc's picture

...if you don't play.



Travis Klersy's picture

If picked, I promise to spend some of my own money on top of the gift card amount.  Also, in no way will I disgrace the noble honor of Miss, I mean Lucky Winner.

timise's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

brentc's picture

Find room for more records.

noirx7's picture

to buy with $100...

gak27's picture

Count me as entered!

mikeyt's picture

I love Soundstage Direct.  I would like this very much!

sgibson389's picture

And so does Mikey

only analog for me's picture

I can always use more accessories and LP's, send that $100.00 my way PLEASE!

sluggobeast's picture

Most of the time Soundstage Direct is my go-to vendor for audiophile (or not) vinyl. Good prices, good service, very helpful staff.


amsco15's picture

Please count me in.  Thanks!!

Ptruce's picture

I NEED more records.



bkerven's picture

Very cool. 

mraudioguru's picture the contest.

eeifb's picture

More Analog please!

sunderwood's picture

Music everyday keeps the blues away.

vince's picture


WaxtotheMax's picture

Analog Planet and Soundstage Direct....All about the good stuff!!

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DeeJayBump's picture

I'm in.

Henry Please's picture

I'm in.  

GEKone's picture

yes please

donhan1's picture

Thanks for the chance!!


upsetter801's picture

And when you want to count me, count me...IN!

concerto12's picture

Maybe this time I will win.

jdmoviebuff's picture

awesome ....!!!!!

MikeT's picture

I would love to win this.

Cassius's picture

Has been my go to new vinyl mail order venor for the last year or so. They are good dudes.

MartyTem's picture

I'd like to win it. Count me in.

Vinylghost's picture

Win, win, win. 

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casey2349's picture

Feed the addiction please.....

iyke's picture

Lemme have some gift money. 

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piper's picture

More records would be awesome

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nitsua196's picture


torturegarden's picture

I'd be happy to win.

Spwill's picture

Excellent place to buy vinyl, love to get that new blade runner disc!

TH Whilton's picture


nogan's picture

This would be so nice.

Vinylfan2012's picture

Pick me!

revo's picture

they have outstanding service

tbeavan's picture

I could buy some nice vinyl with that gift card!

toothface's picture

Count me in!

vinyl's picture

I would love to win, i new to vinyl. I would to stock at get some of the classics on vinyl at the store!!!

beastrex's picture

Seth is the best!

JC1957's picture

I'm addicted to vinyl.

Cavedude13's picture

Nut'n like a gift card to make your day!surprise

mjohnson229's picture

I want my $$$$$$$.

mwaehner's picture

I'd take free vinyl money.

stuevts's picture

It would be nice to win.

musicisideas_ky's picture

A great excuse to get more vinyl....

Big Cap's picture

Would love to finally win one of these!

Moko's picture

Ohhh go on then, never let it be said that I turned down $100 for free

acurabob's picture

Got to love analog websites.Ready to drop a needle on some new vinyl.

warpig's picture

Enjoy the music. :-)

jeremyquam's picture

is not suit shopping!!

orthobiz's picture

gotta gotta win

Westrell's picture

I'm feeling lucky....

John C Freeman's picture

I could dig this gift.

audiophile5000's picture

Thank you, enter me!

JRSBat's picture

Just bought a couple albums there!

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randybass's picture

I'm down, let me know when to collect!!

VinceTK's picture

The Bryter Layter review...

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daveming80's picture

Thank you for the sweepstakes.

Steve Whitcomb's picture

Soundstage Direct - great prices with 11% off regularly and free shipping for orders over $29.99. That $100 gift card will come in handy. Lots of great new music now available on vinyl.

Steelhead's picture


Please release R. Adams Love is Hell on vinyl and re-stock MoFi Enzyme cleaner and even if I do not win I will still buy from you.


Doctor A's picture

Draw me, please!

kozy814's picture

Yes please!

Ryan_Pretzel's picture

I'm in it!  Thanks and best of luck to all.

Razorball's picture

Hali halo

gringostarr's picture

Let's see what happens.

bobspencer123's picture

my favorite interweb record shop.

jmq's picture

I've already spent it!

henrybemis's picture

Fingers crossed.

criswood1's picture

Pick Me Please!

anomaly7's picture

I'm ready to order more-



KPulling's picture

This would be a nice present

Spin Lps's picture

Would love to get some new vinyl. Hope I am the lucky one!

dylanbj's picture

fingers crossed

SET Man's picture


   $100 to shop? Yes please! 

Lane_E's picture

This would be a woderful prize for me.

sharris55's picture

Now let me get started with the shopping list

SuperRu's picture

Make my day, week, year!

moog man's picture

the greatness that is music

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TerryWI's picture

Sign me up.

NRVinyl82's picture

Great retailer, I buy from them often

Too Loud A Solitude's picture

I've never bought from Soundstage Direct before, but I've read nothing but good things about them on the Steve Hoffman forum.

Thanks for the contest.


RodMunch's picture

Entering the contest.

brrgrr's picture

I'm in