"The State of The Vinyl Industry" Webinar With Michael Fremer Today at 5PM EST

Register now for this afternoon's Webinar, live this afternoon at 5PM EST hosted by AXPONA. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

The photo shows AXPONA's Liz Miller and AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer showing off his new Covid 19 hair style.

ivansbacon's picture

Covid 19 benefits.
Fewer hair cuts.
More vinyl time.
Less interactions with humans.
More quality time alone.
Less traffic.
More used vintage electronic available. (so folks can pay rent or eat)
No shopping mall Santa's. (no shopping malls)

Lazer's picture

You were great as always! I enjoyed every minute.

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for those who missed out? Would love to see it

Michael Fremer's picture
By AXPONA on its website. When that happens will post URL
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Cut your own hair, almost like vacuum cleaning your record collection.


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We bought a Wahl groomer cut the dogs but nervier got around to trying to cut them. I found the groomer and started cutting mt own hair during the pandemic... #3 attachment + lnot much hair to cut = done! Don't think I'll ever go to a barber again! I saw that George Clooney Flobee's.

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That's funny, I did the same thing. I did an o.k. job but who cares if I mess up the hair cut? I don't see anyone anyway, other than my dog. And she doesn't care one way or another as long as I don't cut her hair.

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The webinar is up on You Tube now: