Sumiko Debuts Wellfleet Moving Magnet Cartridge

Sumiko today debuted the Wellfleet, a new high performance moving magnet cartridge featuring a nude elliptical stylus.

The Wellfleet retails for $449 through authorized Sumiko dealers beginning "this month" according to the press release.

The Wellfleet also features threaded screw inserts, which for many will make it a more attractive choice, especially for those who find tiny nuts unpalatable. That didn't come out as intended. Sorry. Stay out of cold water.

The Wellfleet joins the recently revamped and updated Sumiko cartridge line recently reviewed here.

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I hope more manufacturers start adopting threaded insert The inserts make life much more easy when installing cartridges. Especially for fat fingered, shaky hands people like myself :)

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I needed that this morning.. err. The joke, not tiny nuts. I too find them unpalatable.

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Make sure you serve oysters to your friends at the Wellfleet coming out party!

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Tomatoes or Tomatos...

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if you're from Boston (where they speak proper) or New Yawk.

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Day three with the Wellfleet (latest in the Oyster Series). It is, in my opinion (as one who's not sure what makes one an audiophile) an impressive product. I replaced a beautiful sounding Moonstone with the Wellfleet. Given that it is always hard to quantify and even describe sound, I will try. The vocals seem to be brought forward, not overwhelming, but subtleties in them are now enhanced. The bass is rich, full and authentic. Maybe the best way I can convey it is that sitting in the dark, listening to Norah Jones on my X2 with this cartridge is a truly moving experience.

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