Summer of 2008 TV Show Appearance

Back in 2008 I was invited to appear on an now-defunct "tech" cable TV show.

Keep in mind that the 2008 vinyl sales figures had not yet been gathered. 2007's numbers in this graph don't look much like a positive trend was yet underway:

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"The mind is fooled but the heart is sad." So true grasshopper.

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Michael: As you address in this original interview, do you happen to know why it is, when you transfer vinyl to digital it retains much of the quality or warmth of the vinyl medium? To my knowledge nobody has ever been able to explain this in scientific means.

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It does but if you "A/B" with the source, it still sounds better. I am also willing to accept that the transfer to vinyl produces an "additive distortion" that the ear finds more pleasing. Every step in the mastering tacks on "additive distortions". When digital recording first was adopted, studios were quick to add tube microphones and tube compressors and equalizers---and NOT because they were more "accurate", because we know they are not. They were added because using them helped to "warm up" and cold, sterile recordings and make them sound more pleasing to the ear and more like "live". If one more "signal processing trick" (cutting lacquers) also helps in that process, I'm all for it. "Accuracy" is overrated! In audio there's really no such thing: every recording is mastered on different speakers so "accurate" to what? On the other hand I don't like high coloration electronics or speakers....
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It’s fun to see this, remembering the near-universal mockery on vinyl in the bad old days. When this show aired bog-standard iTunes files were still 128 kbps [shudders with horror]….

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When you bring up vinyl among those who were there when it was the only quality format, you'll inevitably get a rant about clicks and pops.

Thing is, even when listening through them, the music simply sounds better than the "absolutely quiet background" digital version. Better soundstage, more natural.

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I am not crazy about downloads (in any format) simply because if your hard drive dies, your files are gone. Not everybody backs up and those who do know it's a pain. SACD is still around and it's a fantastic format (yes I own SACDs), but when it comes down to it, nothing is better than vinyl.

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Sorry, no revelation from me on this other than appreciating Mike's archival stuff as always, BUT the Grasshopper reference in the first comment. BELLY LAUGHS, and needed that today!!!!