Swedish Band's Limited Edition Promo Single Made of Ice!

The Swedish Band The Shout Out Louds released a limited edition of 10 copies of a promo single in a kit that requires the receiver to use a supplied latex mold to produce a record made of ice that actually plays. Not recommended for use with cartridges costing $10.00 or more!

Watch here: Ice, Ice, Baby

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I think we have discovered precisely how Rainbo pressed the Beatles box set!


Seriously, that is a very cool (ha!) marketing idea. Once again, I am astounded at the magic inside a little squiggly groove. 


Next, a review of the varying sonic qualities of brands of distilled water. 

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The fact that many of us will immediately think of the Rainbo debacle is such a bummer. Letdown of the year, audio-wise. 

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Did anyone check the dead wax info on this pressing? Noisy surface noise, off-center pressing, rolled off bass - Was this pressed at Rainbo?

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They were smart to use one of the Crosley(?) record players for their test video. Not quite Caliburn ready. QRP worries about the quality of their pellets, and these folks worry about water quality. Some things never change. Still, pretty neat marketing ploy. 

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...is a few runs through the vacuum machine. Don't forget the triple distilled water! wink

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I own six of the 13 Beatles reissues and anybody stupid enough to make ignorant jokes comparing this Ice Tray of crap with the reissues needs to be re-eductated fast. I have yet to buy a  "bad" pressing of the reissue Beatles. The people making jokes must be making them because for one, you can't rip anyone off with an overpriced static filled old Beatles pressing any longer. This type of alleged Promo is utter trash. They obviously made 10 too many. It could perhaps be useful as a mug cooler/coaster if it doesn't self destruct in 60 seconds.

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This doesn't sound much worse than the side 3 of my Past Masters album. First time I've ever had an album where the hole was off-center for one side, but not the other. Glad I didn't buy the whole box-set.

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Mine were all PERFECT! Sorry you have given up so quickly. You can have my 4 year olds blanky if you want.

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You seem to be the only one having a temper tantrum.

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Well, I certainly must say that once again, perceived emotion from a basic written paragraph is a bit of a stretch in most cases and this is no different.  Perhaps I was borderline emphatic at best, but I meant no real insult I assure you. I am merely responding to what appears to be a mass, albeit minor, psychotic episode concerning the new Beatles vinyl Lp Box. I would say in the end, I am only "speaking the language" of uber-audiophiles as it clearly had your attention. I now have 7 of the 13 (AHDN with the presumed RTI stampers to be exact) and it is nothing short of superb! Enjoy music.....No matter how you choose to hear it.

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I have the box. There's a single pop on my copy of the White Album. The rest are flawless. Flat and quiet. There are hundreds of pages of discussion on SHF regarding the poor quality of the set, uploaded by folks with USB turntables with "bent needles." Yes, it's a direct quote. One would think that a quality-driven audience, like here, would carry a more enlightened perspective. Herd behavior is a bitch.

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...I think it's pretty clear that there has been some rather serious quality control issues. Many of which have nothing to do with the quality of the playback rig.