At Thai International High End 2017 VPI Debuts Cliffwood Turntable

At What Hi-Fi?'s International High-End A/V 2017 show in Bangkok, Thailand VPI introduced the new Cliffwood turntable. The new turntable features a vinyl-wrapped plinth, an inverted ceramic ball topped bearing, an aluminum alloy platter and a new gimbaled bearing tone arm.

The new arm routes the wires down through the tone arm stem, which is why you don't see the familiar VPI tonearm wire loop. The tone arm wire terminates in gold-plated RCA jacks at the plinth rear. The power supply is built in and terminates in an IEC A.C. jack also located on the plinth rear.

The new 'table sells for $900 including a Grado sourced, VPI modified moving iron phono cartridge. An optional dust cover adds $100. The elastomer feet can be later upgraded. VPI's Mat Weisfeld who was at the show told me that the company sent to dealers more than a half-dozen Cliffwoods and instructed them to apply moderate abuse. Nothing bad happened. The goal was to design a 'bullet proof' entry-level turntable. Weisfeld thinks the goal has been met.

If the new Cliffwood sounds as good as it looks, VPI's new Cliffwood could shake up the lower end of the turntable market but good.

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Looks sweet!!