Thai Radio Show Stream

If you want to hear the Thai radio show I was on, you can hear it here:

"Smartbomb Radio"

I left in some of the pre-show advertising. The photo is from a much earlier radio show!

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... error message saying the file is corrupt.


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after downloading the file to my desktop, everything was fine.

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On the iPad.

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Hey Michael, always love your travel escapades and appreciated this too but.....and this might be the wrong place for me to ask, but when ya getting home to review some vinyl for us? Can I say Sticky Fingers with some potentially very worthwhile extra tracks. Sorry, I'll shut up now. Just getting a little starved in that department, which is the one I look forward to most @ Analog P

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I understand. That is my major commitment now that I've returned. Still trying to get a "Sticky Fingers" from UMe. Ditto Lennon box. I can't afford to buy all of these reissues (just some), especially those from 96/24 files. Still need to finish Roxy box set (etc.). But not going anywhere for a while...
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Even if you could afford to buy all the digital box sets and why would you want to, you wouldn't have the time to listen to them all and write up album reviews, and do equipment reviews here and for Stereophile and show reports and setup digital comparisons and appear on interviews and remain a sane and humorous human.
That said, my favorite part of the show is when you put on your album reveiwer hat, so I'm glad your back in the saddle again. That's a mighty fine hat, and that saddle sure is pretty.
Now a Bowie box is set to appear and what do we make of that ?

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I quite enjoyed your recent video hitting all the vinyl that had stacked up. Quick fun.

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need to step it up and shell out some shekels for you guys to do reviews. reviews generate pageviews and pageviews generate advertising dollars. reviews are popular. each one can be easily assigned a dollar value, which must be more than the $150 for a freakin' box set. if they want to be cheap, they can start a discogs page, sell off the review copies, and easily recoup at least half their initial outlay.

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Love your writing, Michael, but why is there an old photo of Lou Reed on this article? ;)

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Clicking directly on it, I got "Can't play. File corrupted." I tried right clicking and did a "Save File As". It downloaded the file, but still couldn't play it.