Third Man Releases Three Key Muddy Waters Singles on 45rpm Vinyl

Third Man Records today released three key Muddy Waters Chess singles originally released on 78rpm shellac. The three are "Rollin' Stone" b/w "Walkin' Blues", "She's All Right" b/w "Sad, Sad Day" and "Mannish Boy" b/w "Young Fashioned Ways".

From this image the three singles appear to have LP sized holes, which makes them more convenient to play but of course less than "authentic":

However in this other image sent my Third Man Publicist Ken Weinstein, the holes appear to be standard size. Perhaps it's a "punch out" option?

In any case, these are probably digitally sourced (especially since much of the original Chess tape catalog was wiped out in the big Universal fire) but this is not an exercise in "audiophilia" as much as it is in "vinyl culture" giving youngsters a chance to experience Muddy on vinyl on their Crosley Cruisers of the Third Man iteration that I wish Jack White would stop marketing (not to mention Crosley!).

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Granted the size of the disc is seven inches, but the label with a small hole is more like the original 78.

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Third Man punches out their 45 holes. See Adam Savage's tour for a demo:

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The same stuff in a different package. Now re issues of 78's. How low will this industry go, to keep taking money from the gullible?

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anything from anybody. You are free to buy or not buy. Just because you don't see value in something doesn't mean that there is no value to someone else. Your options and choices are for YOU ALONE, not for everyone else. Grow up, you'll have a more pleasant life.

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and Michael Fremer in particular is the absolute zero hesitation to mention the 2008 Universal Studios fire, caused by gross negligence of Studio heads to install fire extinguishers. This fire, caused by welders on the roof, which would have been caught and put out by a reasonable fire system destroyed most of the Chess catalogue, plus enormous amounts of Decca and other material. Audio tape, film, lots more. Was hushed up at the time. The Steve Hoffman forum has an (enforced) virtual censorship on the event.