Turntable Set Up Seminar Friday, December 20th At Audio Advisors, West Palm Beach, FL.

The previous in-store event at Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach where I spun records in one room while in another, Wilson Audio Specialties' Peter McGrath demoed the WAMM Master Chronosonic Loudpseakers and Mat Weisfeld introduced the new VPI Avenger Direct Drive Turntable went so well, the store asked me back to do a turntable set-up seminar and I could not refuse.

Unlike at shows where due to time constraints I do a partial set-up and talk about the rest, at this store event I'm bringing all of my set-up gear and will do an actual set-up after which we'll play some tunes to hear how it came out. I'll be answering questions—as many as attendees ask.

The event will begin Friday afternoon and run until they kick me out. Please R.S.V.P. rkothe@audioadvisors.com or, for more details call (561) 478-3100.

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Can’t get to this setup workshop. Could I invite/request you to hold a workshop and play some of those laqueurs in Dublin, Ireland during 2020, as part of your European travel schedule.
Maybe Mrs Fremer would like a holiday in the West of Ireland.
Simon (UK ex-pat, turntable advocate of over 30 years, with an Orbe/SME V/Lyra Skala, a Bakoon EQA-11R phono stage & a Keith Monks cleaner)

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I guess I never had a sense of scale as to how massive that platter actually is. Look at that thing. Extraordinary.

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My friend, rest your eyes and put the monocle down, it's an Ortofon cartridge.


It's sounds like you will be having a rocking time!

Wishing you smooth sailing.

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... using a mere $12K cartridge seems like a false economy.
Might as well jump straight to the $18.5K Koetsu Rhodonite with the diamond cantilever upgrade.

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Michael I hope you are now using an Acoustical Systems SMARTractor for the cart installation. MUCH easier than the Mint LP (which I think is what you're using in that photo).

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The protractor supplied by SAT. Very easy to use and lets you confirm the arc the stylus travels across the entire surface, plus show you both "null" points.
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I’m sure SAT knows what they’re doing!