UHQR Returns, This Time From Analogue Productions Starting With Jimi Hendrix Classics

50 years to the day of its original release in both mono and stereo, Analogue Productions announces tomorrow the UHQR reissues of Jimi Hendrix's epic Axis: Bold As Love, newly remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bernie Grundman. Click that hyperlink and watch Bernie at work cutting!

The gold leif numbered editions will be limited to 5000 copies in stereo (limit: 2 per customer) and 1500 copies in mono (limit 1 per customer). The records will be housed in deluxe slip-case packaging, but more importantly, the records will be pressed "by hand" on the Finebuilt press using Clarity Vinyl. You can watch the process here narrated by QRP's Gary Salstrom, who explains the difficulties involved in the special plating and pressing and the super high quality that will result from all of the special care involved in producing these heavy weight, flat profile records.

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Ordered one of each :-)
I clearly remember waiting outside my local record store...The Recorderie.....in Stanmore, England on the day it was released.

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yuck. that is all.

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This is a very nice recording in stereo. Don't know where you are coming from....

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This is a mind-glowingly good recording! The flanging on the title track was like taking acid....and well done too!
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*very good considering it was Eddie Kramer (probaly because Andy Johns was assisting). He managed to consistently sound technically worse than everyone else working contemporaneously. Seemed to be good with the artists though, really shouldv'e just produced and left the technical stuff to more competent people.

Also, I'm pretty sure he had an ass't run (drag the reels on) the tape machines to do the flanging while Eddie sat at the mixer.

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This is the first of three LPs I bought as a yout' which scrambled my brain such that I had to ease into them, bit by bit, and that on a crummy clamshell "record player," or record grinder as I call them now. I remember going to E J Korvettes in Rockville (MD) and buying the oddest-looking LP I could find, just for the hell of it. In case you're interested, the other two were "Birds of Fire" and "Burnin'", a number of years later.

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As opposed to all those OTHER studio recordings of these tracks, made by other engineers!

Hope you feel better soon.

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Compare Eddie Kramer to his contemporaries:

Bruce Swedien
Geoff Emmerick
Alan Parsons
Roger Nichols
the Johns bros.
Tom Dowd
Roy Halee


Eddie Kramer seems to be good with the people aspects (i.e., people liked him and were comfortable, which leads to good performances), but his engineering is crap - no concept of gain structure, with some shit recorded too low (and hissy) and other stuff badly distorted and his bounce-downs were not very good. Even his Kiss stuff sounds like shit.

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Nope, I will not "compare" Kramer to anyone, unless and until unearthed studio recordings of these HENDRIX performances by anyone you named are discovered.

Just because you WANT this blog post entry to be a dissertation about Kramer's ability does not mean that it IS one. If you cannot stay on topic, why are you here?

It's just ducky if you're not a fan, but it's also 100% irrelevant here. Re-read that again if needed.

So, thank you for the invitation to climb under the bridge and hang out, but I RESPECTFULLY decline.

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the guy who had to get a new user name (for trolling I'mma assume) says I'm a troll. GFY.

I simply implied that Eddie Kramer is/was, well, not good at recording (or that at least it put me off). It's actually objective fact that he's bad at it, but whatever. You took it upon yourself to then insult me, because I guess you're a POS or something.

Now, run along.

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Thanks for insulting my intelligence in your initial response.

Thanks for guessing wrongly that I had an IP or username that was banned.

Thanks for taking as personal insult my factual correction of you.

Thanks for the further insults of calling me a piece of shit and that I should go fuck myself and that I’m a troll.

I stand by my first careful thought, that I hope you feel better soon. Give it some time.

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Eddie Kramer has made some of the worst sounding records. Truly baffled how people can't hear how bad records he's recorded sound.

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Eddie Kramer has created some of the worst sounding records of all time.

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I was told yesterday that they would not be ready for another 6 months, do not see them on their site. Where did you order them from?

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I am getting mine from Acoustic Sounds on pre order. They stated first half of 2018 as delivery date.

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I see it's available mono or stereo. While I'm sure there are plenty to disparage the stereo gimmicks, what's mono got over it?

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I know this is a money grab, but I HAD to order both editions
Gosh, how man y copies of JH's albums do I have now???
BTW, I was able to order two of each

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The Experience Hendrix release of this was, for me, mind blowing. 40 years of intimate familiarity with Axis did not prepare me for what happened when the needle dropped. Can this release possibly be worth 4x the $$$?

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Watching the pressing process I was surprised the vinyl puck was handled by bare/ungloved hands. That is a good way to get unwanted particles and oils onto a pressing that when exposed to heat will not be able to be removed. Plus, when viewing the final product why not under a high intensity lamp to aid in finding those imperfections. Not sure after watching this if this is a good way to spend $100.

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Is this entire industry devoid of creativity? This is a blatant (and weak) rip-off of the MoFi UD1S packaging design. Give me a break. Also the vinyl within isn't even close to as clean as the one-step process puts out. This is a regular LP in a fancy box for the same price. Unbelievable.

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Is this entire industry devoid of creativity? This is a blatant (and weak) rip-off of the MoFi UD1S packaging design. Give me a break. Also the vinyl within isn't even close to as clean as the one-step process puts out. This is a regular LP in a fancy box for the same price. Unbelievable.

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Not to worry about the handling of the clear vinyl biscuit in this movie. Gary only demonstrated this process on his day off so I could film; which is a rare treat for all of us in the audiophile world to witness. To do this properly he had to fire up the vinyl extruder and make other accommodations so I could film in detail, of which I was often in his way. The magic of editing and Gary's seasoned narration does make it an interesting and fascinating watch. In production, the operator will wear gloves and take other precautions to ensure vinyl purity. Chad and Gary and their production process is 2nd to none, and I have witnessed (and filmed) many pressing plants and related manufacturing facilities. Hats off to Acoustic Sounds for another vinyl resurrection product that many of us did not get to experience the first time around!

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No one has mentioned that the Clarity Vinyl (no carbon black added) came from Classic Records, which I've read Chad Kassem bought some years back. I've been wondering whether he'd do something with that eventually, along with the flat profile. Very nice! How many vinyl copies of "Axis..." do I already have? Who cares?

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Wish they'd had someone other than Bernie Grundman master and cut this. How stuff is always much too bright.

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can't believe I quoted TS but . . . it's sad to have to read misplaced (and ugly) comments that don't add to the discussion. As said elsewhere the recordings were done a long time ago, should have complained then, not now. It is possible to start a I Hate Eddie Kramer blog but we all know how much attention that would get. Personal issues don't have much of a place where people come to discuss (not rant about) their hobby/profession in a mature manner.

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they were uniformly awful.

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Apparently you've never actually listened to one.

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most were worse than the regular mofi.

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I'd say that it's a little too late to criticize Kramer's recordings made 50 years ago. Back in the day I obsessed over the sound over a Modified 1953 Buick car radio... Let's be happy with what we've got. I've got 79 Hendrix recordings on my server, and I still think my three original Reprise pressings connect me with Hendrix about as good as it's going to get.

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I believe Chad announced the UHQR's a year before the MFSL Abraxas appeared, probably longer. Probably took a LONG time to get this press ( machine ) ready. How do you know how "clean" these will be to MFSL. They will not be licensing the same titles, so more music to hear in a high-quality format. " Regular record in a fancy box"......LOL. You have NO idea the money Chad puts into these projects YEARS in advance, and how long it will be before an actual profit is made in this new venture. How you could criticize anything Chad is doing is mean-spirited and shallow. This guy has worked TIRELESSLY since 1984 to keep this format alive. How about if you don't have anything nice to say about something you know little about ALL to your lonesome self !!!!........gallassero@yahoo.com.

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Yes Chad has done a lot for vinyl and Chad has hurt a lot of people in the name of vinyl . If Stan Ricker was producing these UHQR I would say yes . Chad is not Stan and never will be . I have a few of Stans UHQR pressing amazing thats all I will say. Some time with Chad it is all about money . Also the price of vinyl has gone crazy. I been collecting since I was a child . I don't like what I am seeing now a days .How do the children of today get into this hobby ?

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Stan Ricker.....lol..... NOT a producer, Chad IS !.
Grundman, Gray, Ryan, Hoffman the ones used in place of Ricker. A UHQR in 1982 was FIFTY DOLLARS......do you have ANY ides what that equates to in 2017 ???
All about the money ??? You sir do not know Chad at all evidently !! I have known him for 47 years, and worked with him 7 days a week for 7 years.....I worked 10 hours per day, Chad about 18-20. He does not live a lavish lifestyle, all his money goes back into the business. You have NO idea what money it took to bring these presses out of moth balls, tear down, refurbish, and add all the new innovations.......ALL ABOUT THE MONEY ????
BIG LOL.............
It's called PASSION !!!

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I must have touch a nerve .
I am up and down the east coast and many record stores said he has hurt them . Pricing etc . Who I am, some one in to vinyl I mean even some of his RSD pressing aren't that great most so mass produced it is wrap by the time it get to listener .
If it isn't about the money it take about 10 total to do an lp , presing and covers etc . So it is a pretty high mark up ole Chad is charging. The older set doesn't mind you ask a young kid if he is selling out anything over 25 bucks . I see a lot of other pressing plant crank out great pressing and charge less .
He has cornered the market and set his own starndard .
Yes well aware I have a few DSOTM and SGT Pepper and I just let one go for 1,500 bucks .
Will his stuff a re reissue be worth that .

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It will take years before he makes a profit with Quality Record Pressings. Schlumberger charges 700.00 per day for me and my co-workers think we are getting ripped off for what they pay us. NO idea of costs....Research and Development, Insurance, Real Estate, Management, Office Personnel etc. If you think it costs Chad 10.00 to make a record then I say YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS SENSE !!.......NONE !!!!

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Maybe try a pressing plant on the East Coast then to lower your cost or go Europe for pressing much cheaper .

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Keep it all to your lonesome self

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Those of us that have had the pleasure of talking to Chad personally, either face-to-face or on the phone, understand the passion that he has for keeping vinyl alive. I don't believe for a second that this is a money grab.

I remember ordering the first Mofi 1 step via his website (Acoustic Sounds). When Mofi shorted his order and he had could not fulfill hundreds of orders, he personally called many (if not all) of us to personally apologize. That call turned into well over an hour of a rock and roll history walk down memory lane. The guy is passionate and I will never disparage him or question his motives.

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They didn't "short" Acoustic Sounds or Elusive Disc on the Santana Abraxas......they sent NONE !!
You are spot-on about Chad......blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of money invested since 1984.

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Damn...I guess I either forgot that or Chad didn't tell me they receive no stock at all. That's almost criminal. I guess we go direct to Music Direct for Mofi and direct to Chad for AP releases.

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Hello, greetings from Portugal.
What should be the right decision on this UHQR? Buy the Stereo or the mono edition?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm really looking forward to this. It's interesting some people are complaining because it isn't going to be released in 45 RPM on two discs. I have no complaint about that. All I want is for the music to sound stunning. I have a lot of AP releases and so far I'm a big fan. They get it right time after time. This should be interesting. It will be fun to do a direct shootouut with Mono And Stereo.

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