Unearthed! Editor's 1977 Emerson College Television Show Appearance

This is posted "just because", but I doubt it will remain up for long. Back in 1977 I appeared on an Emersion College Student television show. I haven't seen this for a very long time and had someone with a U-Matic 3/4" machine transfer it to DVD years ago.

The first part is the sit down interview but it's the second part that you might find the most entertaining (or not)! It's a parody if the movie "Saturday Night Fever" that will make more sense and (perhaps) be funnier if you remember that movie, the plot, the scenes, the actors, etc.

WARNING: parts of the parody are vulgar and contain some offensive language (etc.).

Enjoy or not....I will probably take it down in a few days because it's really not at all about this site's mission....

ramseurrecords's picture

You were giving Gabe Kaplan a run for his money.

tube dog's picture

out of your hair?

Journeyman's picture

(David Attenborough voice) ...and here you can see the future journalist Michael Fremer learning the necessary skills to fight against the future trolls he will find in the audiophile wild.... XD
Be glad that Howard stern didn't know about this one! :-P

Journeyman's picture

So hair does get better with age.. My bad...

ramseurrecords's picture

I think you would win pretty easily with that sweater.

Michael Fremer's picture
That was already a "vintage" reindeer sweater back then. I kept it. Finally I sold it on Ebay for $75.00.
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Admittedly the hair and the sweater have not aged all that well, but the jaw line certainly has. And I honestly believe you are far less full of yourself these days as you were then. Of course, who is more full of themselves than somebody who's circa 24 years old?

This was great fun and thanks for posting. You have definitely improved with age, buddy.

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I didn't know you were a DJ on WBCN!?!? I miss that station it was so great.

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"I'd move to NY if I can find an apartment for less than $200 a month." Hilarious!!

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You are a very brave man, Mr. F

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It's a fun part of your life, and you are Analog Planet. It's a great "personal glimpse."

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I still have mine, we were so cool in 1977...

Michael Fremer's picture
Sold it on Ebay last year....
762rob's picture

And bought an Lp no doubt!

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Like a young Billy Crystal...