Universal Music's New "Pink Moon" LP Will Use Optimal Pressing

If you didn't buy the deluxe Pink Moon box set reviewed here by Randy Wells, you are in luck: the upcoming domestic UMG standard reissue, selling for far less, will still be pressed at Optimal in Germany, mastered AAA at Abbey Road, just like the deluxe box set's LP.

In other words, you'll get the same record minus the extras and deluxe packaging for about half the cost. No excuses now, unless you don't like Nick Drake, in which case what's your excuse? Are you that happy and well adjusted?

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This is fantastic news!  Glad to hear this - I've been looking forward to getting this after missing out on the box.  Love the web site also!  This is a great source of getting the right information on vinyl reissues, bar none.

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I'm well adjusted and find his song crafting to be beyond engaging

Truly brilliant. 

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But will definitely buy this.

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I almost bought the box last week on Amazon. Now I will wait for this edition since I don't need all the extras. Any word on when this will be out?

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Oh great, I ordered the box set late on Saturday night in a panic after I read the review here. Oh well. At least I found it for $64 instead of $99. And it is a truly great record. 

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Bought my copy earlier today. It's fantastic! Highly recommended. I only hope that Bryter Layter and Five Leaves Left will get a similar treatment.

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