Utrecht Record Fair Day Two

Day two of the Utrecht Record Fair was less crowded, as my hosts predicted it would be, but still, in the morning at least, it was plenty crowded as record buyers returned for the discounts many vendors offered, hoping to sell records rather than schlep them home (or to the next record fair somewhere in Europe).

The video tells the story:

P. Stoned's picture

I visit this fair every half year for three days straight, and like to think I know my way around (because the dealers rarely change position). On Friday, you really have to search in the right places for what can be considered bargains by 2013 standards. And it's not always with the UK dealers either. I found a couple nice things, though admittedly nothing spectacular as in previous years (how about a NM UK mono White Album for 50 euro?).

Having said that, it's undeniably true that the good bargains have dried up. Most dealers make it their business to ask top prices for copies that are far from tops. And crazy as it may sound, buying and re-selling collectable UK vintage vinyl has become a lucrative and easy way for eastern european businessmen to whitewash seemingly endless supplies of cash. It really wasn't so long ago when clean pink islands and vertigos were affordable at this fair, but I'm afraid those days are forever gone.  

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That is a deal! I saw one this year for 400 Euro. I was fortunate to have a non-Beatles loving reader give me one!

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My favorite was the guy selling master tapes from big name artists.  It's interesting how all these studios decided to use Agfa tape and label the boxes exactly the same way.  I feel sorry for the fool who actually thinks they are buying a Lou Reed or Pretenders master at a record convention in Italy, much less anywhere.  At least it didn't appear that too many were purchased.