Utrecht Record Fair Set-Up Day

Friday, November 22nd was set-up day at the world's largest record fair. For a premium, organizers did let consumers in early so even as the booths were being set up and stocked, buyers made the rounds in the usual mad frenzied way.

From what I could see in my jet-lagged stupor and when many booths had yet to be set up, high quality vinyl was minimal and that which there was, priced extraordinarily high.

Pink label Island UK originals and Vertigo "swirl" label records plus Pink Floyd were the most valued—at least during this cursory swing through the fair. The Pink Floyds I thumbed through were all in triple digits.

Also big here was "prog" and "Kraut" rock. Want a mint original UK pressing of The Clash's London Calling ? I saw one for 22 Euro or about $30.00

Saw only a few UK Parlophone Beatles originals, a few second press Decca Stones and not one UK Kinks Pye. In fact, only one Kinks LP period.

American pressings of American groups were not all that common and the ones I did see were pricey.

With the cold ocean winds blowing in, big front doors open and the heat turned off, the big hall was an unpleasant ice box but I was told all of that would improve tomorrow.

AnalogJ's picture

 When I was in London about eight years ago, I discovered that all these original UK pressings I had been eyeing going for about $20-30 in the States were going for 3-5 pounds. I got a 1st press Dire Straits s/t and Making Movies, and Phil Collins Face Value  and Hello, I Must Be Going,  as well as a solid pink Island Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy. I did splurge on a NM Beatles  original EP  with Slow Down  for 20  pounds. I got a few others including a UK Barrence Whitfield  and the Savages. (Mr. Barry White  is a friend of mine).