V-Moda M-80 Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of V-Moda M-80 Headphones (MSRP $230) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Masterfully tuned by a legion of legendary musicians, producers and DJs, M-80 packs unique materials, professional acoustics, natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level ruggedness into a design 53% smaller than its now legendary, over-ear sibling, Crossfade LP. M-80's first-class materials are virtually indestructible including a steel frame, STEELFLEX headband, interchangeable brushed metal shields, durable microfiber suede and replaceable memory foam cushions. The M-80 also comes fully loaded with two Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables for universal smartphone compatibility and an exoskeleton carrying case for added road warrior armor.

The nucleus of M-80 is its patent-pending and biggest-in-class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers that deliver multi-driver sound with the energy efficiency and consistent quality of a single driver. To recreate a pure balanced sound analogous to Vinyl, M-80 uses no batteries or artificial sound processing and instead relies on immortal acoustic techniques. The masterfully crafted V-PORT V3 provides natural noise isolation, life-like staging, vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious highs.

By utilizing a 31-band EQ with select master musicians and producers, every step of the frequency response curve was finely sculpted. The headphone also offers long-play comfort through a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears, the result of years of ergonomic research. Since the fit is the sound, M-80 utilizes replaceable supple memory foam cushions, a bespoke STEELFLEX headband and tactile arm extensions.

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imonlysleeping's picture

I bet they sound great too!!!

jmasterj's picture

This is a contest I really need to win my ten year old Grado's died a month ago.

Shaffer's picture

I'm game.

stretch35's picture

They would sound great at my house. Thanks for the contest!

moog man's picture

they look awesome and sound even better

Travis Klersy's picture

I'm curious to hear some V-Modas after the review over at Inner Fidelity.

mraudioguru's picture

...hell yeah!

mrclnglr's picture

Now hear this... 

robertaich's picture

Clamp 'em on, pardner!

aldo's picture

Bought an ifi iPhone based on your review and would love to test out these headphones on it!

malosuerte's picture

Long live vinyl.

jdmoviebuff's picture

Very nice !!

Mike - are you going to the Axpona show in Chicago next week?

fivecolors's picture

Now i just need a headphone amp!

Gabriel Benaim's picture

Im in.

bhutton13's picture

I'm In

Paul Boudreau's picture


chipridd's picture

Very Nice!

I would love to try them out

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

jmobrien68's picture

Look like they'd be a lot more comfortable than my Beats



lesliejazz's picture

Great contest, would love to win!

John G's picture

Looking for something to replace my Grado 60's, those look great!

DocSamG's picture

Love to win these great looking cans.

Trevor Gearhart's picture

 Yep, I need those

MikeT's picture

I would be glad to win these. thanks.

Vanderfuzz's picture

Those cans are sweeter than Gummi Venus de Milo.

Jim Tavegia's picture

One can never have too many headphones, and especially nice ones like these.

Thanks for the opportunity. 


WaxtotheMax's picture

You just knew I would come running!

fritz's picture

I'm in!

TMink's picture

that the fuzz has worn off the speakers in the headphones! I could certainly use these!



Kurt's picture

Plus candle wax dripped on my Grados. 

gak27's picture

Count me in!

Box860's picture

These look great.  I'd love a pair of over-the-ear cans.  Looks like I could use them both with my preamp at home and on the go attached to my iPhone.

Preston's picture

Thanks for the chance to win these.

drumarty's picture

Not really....I just want them.

hdasio1234's picture

Would love to have them!

lcater1's picture

Does the description mean they do not have a flat frequency response? Just the response preferred by record producers?.......... 

jamminsport16's picture

Email me so you i can giv u my shipping info ;p

Ben Kubelsky's picture

I've been using AKB K-55's and K-40's for years but recently switched to Sennheiser H-350's.  Not sure which ones I like better.  The AKG's are definitely more comfortable, but less compact.

ds31337's picture

i hope i win, it would be nice

torturegarden's picture

I am in need of a new pair of cans. I really hope I win, these look great.

twoengine's picture

Please let me win!!!

Dpoggenburg's picture

...though I think the greatest sweepstakes the Planet could offer would be a visit to Michael Fremer's listening room. Now THAT would be a prize!

Henry Please's picture

Need a pair of headphones.  So, here's hoping.  

kewilson7's picture

Would like to check them out regardless of whether I win them or not.

SteveRB's picture


cpnelsonjunya's picture

Please and Thank you

fac179's picture


nyanfuro's picture

they look amazing!

JohnnyCanuck's picture

Once again Canadians are not eligible to enter.

Too bad.

hrlaser's picture

These cans look fantastic.. military grade, memory foam? Yow!.. Count me in, please, and Thanks for the opportunity.. smiley


BeauZooka's picture


flashlightbuff's picture

id love to win

mikenc's picture

My old ears need some new cans!  And these are just what I'm looking for.

aangen's picture

Those look very nice indeed!

kkellogg's picture

Great Headphones.

V-Moda is the best.

liv3evil's picture

They look good...wonder how they sound?!? :-0

jimel84's picture

Count me in on this deal.

acawaigmail's picture

Thanks for running the sweepstakes; hopefully I win!

dschian's picture

I can promise you that!

nstarin's picture

Crank it up

sluggobeast's picture

sound for my ears! Would love these headphones!

ejk's picture

I'm in

vince's picture

And I wouldn't mind winning these one little bit!

only analog for me's picture

Its been a very long time since I've heard a blast from an M-80...

EricCuda's picture

What a great looking and probably sounding pair of cans!

rudirudi's picture

on me!

Sagaris's picture

Wow great prize.. no whammy!!!!



phowell13's picture

Great contest.  Thanks!

Bmcpherson's picture

Look forward to hearing them.

sms057's picture

Need these phones, mine are broke!

guitarist9273's picture

I could really use these! Would love to get them.

ishmaelk's picture

I've only tried these headphones once and I loved them. 

It would be great to win them. 

garymckee's picture

Love to join the headphone crowd!

mcdontho's picture

Thank You for th op.

Casey737's picture

I'm in.

stuevts's picture

Count me in.

schmecty's picture

I want.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win.

tbeavan's picture

And my 24 year old Stax headphones are about due for replacement!

AnalogJ's picture

 And where is the dialer located on these? ;-)

Seadog709's picture

Not really.

merlin3212's picture

Cool headphones!

reddog's picture

Love to take a listen....

orthobiz's picture

...hope this is it!



Dobro910's picture

I do feel lucky. Looks like a great product.  Good luck to all.

audiot's picture

Living in townhome now - can't play music loud anymore - need these!!

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love to have these.....

badboss429's picture

Please send 'em my way!

nirayo's picture

Yes, please

Zardoz's picture

My phones are over 20 years old, so lay these on me!!

TerryWI's picture

Looks great - can't wait to try them out...maybe.

Moko's picture

Great looking headphones, if they sound even half as good as they look I would be onto a winner.

KPulling's picture

Might as well be unique looking on my melon !

fallbreaks's picture

I would give these headphones the good home they deserve. Knock wood!

Dreamharrower's picture

Count me in.

capri345's picture

As me-grado(s) are not really working these days.  Thanks Mike. 



rocketmotor's picture

Bet they sound better than the huge Chicago Bears headphones I had as a kid.  Christmas present about 1978.

jblackhall's picture

Sign me up. I need a new pair of cans!

Doctor A's picture

Please enter me. THanks

lewisleong's picture

Never owned a pair of V-Modas before. Would be nice to see how these sound.

ondesmartenot's picture

Sweet looking headphones! I wonder how they sound?

2_channel_ears's picture

I need something to fill between my ears.

threepercent68's picture

Ride the groove!

marksnyderman's picture

My daughter would love these. 

Danacruz's picture

man! i need these.

sirmikael's picture

Please, please let me win!!

MartyTem's picture

..and even better over my ears. Count me in.

bkelley3rd's picture

Those headphones will fit my ear perfectly.

warrenpchi's picture

Mighty generous of you guys, thanks! smiley

Ormy51's picture

Great googlymoogly 

Mfalcon's picture

They look sweet

jimhb's picture

I would love to win these!

Special Spartan's picture

But she didn't.

traceme's picture

Would love to win these.  Thank you for the giveaway!!

uncontop's picture

I would love to give these a listen, as I am in the market.

crubio's picture

Yes Please, Thank you.


jfreeny5's picture

Headphones would be nice to win!

DeeJayBump's picture

Having owned Grados and Sony CD3Ks, and preferring Grados, it would be interesting to hear how these compare.

Wcwc's picture

I could use these.

d6a4s5's picture

Been looking for new headphones anyways.

randybass's picture

Count me in, I could use a pair.

immltng's picture

I would love a pair

DLKG's picture

Cool looking head phones.  Very industrial or is it a post apocalyptic?  Cool carrying case too.



storym's picture

Just bought PSB M4U1 phones, but wouldn't mind winning these!

skarphace's picture

I really like v-moda

colinms's picture

Cool cans

Jonnyboy's picture


guymambo's picture

Great Contest

ok2's picture

Would love me a pair o'those

fvelasco's picture


Martin's picture

would be a great addition to the set up

tbromgard's picture

i dont have any headphones and would love to give these a listen.

tbromgard's picture

i dont have any headphones and would love to give these a listen.

E.R.Price's picture

Since my office is directly below hers, she often gets the pleasure of listening to my music.  I'm sure she'd love to have me wearing these so my vinyl would not disturb her Farmville...cheeky

decameron's picture

My newphew would really enjoy these headphones

BayouGrump's picture

I'm in need of some better quality headphones. I hope I win!

Bruce K. Carter's picture

I am sure they sound as good as they look.

patunnell's picture

I would absolutly love to own these!

matt1234's picture


RodMunch's picture


niten's picture

Stepping up to take a swing at this sweepstakes.


jakeclieb's picture

 Put my name in the hat. 

brrgrr's picture

Great opportunity!

antiproanti's picture

The thought of upgrading from my beloved MDR-V6's (still the best sound for the insanely low price I've found) has been in the back of my head for quite some time...my eyes have been on either some sennheiser HD650s or possibly AKG K701s, (both of which being sadly out of my current price range).....however these boys CERTAINLY look to fit the bill! :D


marty's picture

Well, here goes! As a relative newbie to audiophile, uh, ism, I have been enjoying the site quite a bit, but this is the first time i have left a comment. I guess the prospect of winning something tends to bring people out of their shell.

redsandvb's picture

one entry here

djv2011's picture

These would be sweet. Id love to add these to my audio set up.

Logansport Berry's picture

Count me in...

pcubedpi's picture

The M-80 was a badass firecracker when I was a kid ... someone told me it was equal to a quarter stick of dy-no-mite!

proth57@gmail.com's picture