Veteran Jazz Dealer Jeff Barr Opens Euphoria Records in Palm Desert, CA.

Veteran jazz record dealer Jeff Barr, who I've known since the 1980s has opened Euphoria, a new record store in Palm Desert, California.

The store includes jazz, rock, blues and classical records. Barr buys and sells and also will do consignment type sales for you. He also says his store is "Hi-Fi Haven!" (but does he mean "heaven"? He also offers a turntable tuneup service.

Euphoria has a Facebook page and the email address is in the image at the top. So if you are in that region, you might "head your head to the ground round".

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Such a paucity of record stores in the Palm Springs area, so this is welcome news.

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Given the size of the senior population in the Coachella Valley (area from Palm Springs to Indio and including Palm Desert) there should be a steady supply of record collections being made available. But not just retirees and snow birds live there now as the year-round population has grown steadily so there may be young folks to shop his store too.

So good luck Jeff.