Vinyl Goes NFL Mainstream!

When NFL Films approached RTI (Record Technology Incorporated, Camarillo, CA) to shoot some pressing plant footage, RTI owner Don MacIinnis had no idea for what the league might want the images.

He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw vinyl records being used as a metaphor for "football masterpiece perfection" in NFL playoff game promos shown during the divisional playoffs—not to mention shots of his pressing plant mixed in with musician-superstars. Would be great if one or more of these were shown during The Super Bowl!

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I personally don’t care about football, but this would no doubt be great to see any of those clips during the super bowl.

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Sorry, think the bit is a total fail.
No clear relation between a record album and football.
Message is forced and not really logical.

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Lord forbid an audiophile should be anything but logical!!!
Who cares if it gets vinyl exposure or should I say more exposure...can't watch TV for more than an hour without seeing LPs or a TT in the background of a set.

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Super Bawl LV


Check it at 43 seconds.

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I can see where my error came from!


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Should show if anyone sets a record in the Super Bowl.

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Congrats Buffalo Bills making it to the AFC championship game!