VPI Traveler Turntable and Dynavector 20x2H Cartridge Combo From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a VPI Traveler Turntable and Dynavector 20x2H Cartridge Combo From Music Direct (MSRP $2,150) we are giving away.

Analog Planet and Music Direct are proud to offer you a chance to win the brand-new turntable from VPI, The Traveler. This turntable is dedicated to the memory of VPI co-founder Sheila Weisfeld, and it’s an amazing American-made work-of-art. Combine this turntable with the great high-output moving-coil Dynavector 20x2H phono cartridge and you are in for such a treat. We dare to say that no digital front end can compete. But hey, we’re analog lovers!

Josh Bizar from Music Direct says they will also be including some analog set-up tools and some incredible newly-pressed vinyl so will instantly know how amazing this analog package sounds. As an added bonus, Michael Fremer will personally set up the cartridge with his USB scope.

Click here for more info on the turntable and here for more on the cartridge.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on AnalogPlanet.com. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

You can enter once on AnalogPlanet.com. No more than one entry allowed.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

jmset315's picture

Gosh! this traveler sure make me salivating!

harmaphonic's picture

to let the good times spin!!!

timise's picture

Count me in thanks!

JimM's picture

Just what I need for all my old black round things.

catachresis's picture

Yes, please.

- I might have left previous solicitation in includes set-up thread. Thanks.

Audiophiliac1000's picture

I just need a turntable.

za's picture

Well I thought my first post was here and I read it too but now I do not see it.  Here in Alaska nights are verrry long and cooooold!.  I wants my precious.

demondog's picture

I've lusted after my friend's Scoutmaster. If I won the VPI Traveler, I'd retire my modest vintage TT. I could afford some new records, but that's about as much as my budget allows these days.

stewart0722's picture

I have a Classic, I want it to have a little brother.........

AudioMess's picture

I never succumbed to the temptation to dispose of my record collection from the 70s and 80s.  I am still using my old Dual CS-606 semiautomatic direct-drive turntable with Ortofon ULM-55E cartridge.  It's time to upgrade and this rig looks like the perfect ticket.

o153n's picture


SLSeals's picture

This would be a fantastic next step up from my current table.

cfitz's picture

Would love to have the opportunity to hear this and compare it to my current set-up. 

Joec_2020's picture

Pick me pick me pick me :)

Avalon's picture

I am very excited about this new webside Michael. What a great new home for lovers of great music on vinyl. 

Music is the healing force of the universe

Thank you


Layums's picture

Let the best man/woman/individual win ;-) drooling system. fingures crossed

SarasMusic's picture

I have been looking for a turntable I could travel with for a while.  I used to always borrow my friends, but I think it's time for me to get my own.  I've been spinning for about a year now.  I've gotten sick of always spinning the top 100 songs 2012 and am trying to branch out into something new...house sounds like my new fortay.

- Sara

jweiss9@gmail.com's picture

Prove to me that this can beat my digital front end

Hardbop33's picture

Great site and great idea for a giveaway! Would lovingly use this wonderful table!

jh4all's picture

Would like to see how this sounds compared to my homemade idler.

Mikey Likes It's picture

Vinyl LP playback, I heard it once at a place called Speaker Shop in Buffalo, NY.

It truly was the best sound I ever heard. I bought a Rega planar 3. Never sounded that great when I got it home.  I still have it, but havn't spun the petroleum by-product in decades. VPI? worth a try?

docwa's picture

Love vinyl....need a more upscale rig!

lastgoodbye's picture

Please enter. Thanks!

Cardinals's picture

I have never had a turntable like this one.  Best of luck to everybody.

rcg1090's picture

This would be a good thing!

tamlor's picture

My arm is from the 70's and myTT from the 80's. Going to get a VPI whether I win one or not!!

concerto12's picture

This would be a worthy update to my old VPI rig.

rpm's picture

Analog planet is the best!!!!!

nonmimeticform's picture

This would be the icing on the cake after I finish building my Transcendent Sound Phono Preamp.

thebambino's picture

so you're saying there's a chance...

GreekSheik's picture

pretty please, with sugar on top!!

GreekSheik's picture

I want this badly

Yoyo's picture

This is a great setup!

mauidj's picture

...and mahalo!

ebuzz's picture

I'm in, I want it!

Sophie01's picture

Great Combo!

dannyboy's picture

I dig that table and dig this site. Good to hang with my kind of people! 

Mercury 52's picture

As Warren Zevon said,"Please Consider Me".

tarruda's picture

Please count me in, and thank you.

martint's picture

I just hope that I get a chance to prove it one more time with this baby.

freejazz's picture

Made in US by a great company.

jpbach's picture

Awesome contest from an awesome site.  VPI has been making great turntables for so many years, and Dynavector has been making great cartridges for at least as long.  This ought to be a killer combo.  

plastico's picture

That combo would be fantastic in my living room!

thebullfrog's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to win a great table from renowned company.  Hope I win.  It's time for me to move into the future and out of the past.  My vintage equipment has served me well for many years.  It's time for something new!

WRMAJOR's picture

I think that this compo would sound GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cammock's picture

I would love to hear this Turntable in my own home.

liuj88's picture

I want it!

balistupas's picture

Please pick me!!

djv1972's picture

I am the proud owner of two of the most informative and entertaining DVD's ever recorded. Maybe that will get me an edge on winning. I doubt it, but it's worth a mention. Mickey is the analog man! I hope I win this set up.

wooderson250wcg's picture

Would be AWESOME!

roscoeiii's picture

I will gladly post here in order to have a chance to win.

kremercup's picture

Sweet set-up!!!!

LanceLong's picture

Made here on the Jersey Shore.

kmitch41's picture

I really want that turntable!!! I'm local even. PLEASE!!!!!

PierreC's picture

Nice, I hope I win

Don C's picture

If it sounds as good as it looks it will be a winner

dougdbs's picture

me need vpi

gobird's picture

Very, very nice.

Cavedude13's picture

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

TexDave1212's picture

Yes I need a new turntable, have a B&O TT.

May the best person win!!!!!

exitflagger's picture

I'm very much in need of a new TT!

pduthoy's picture


juanrmag's picture


Gstepcox's picture

Listening on my original Phillps 212 electronic.....33 diode no longer works.  Sure would be nice to upgrade to a new century.

ehb84's picture

Hello world.

ocaleman's picture

This would be my first piece of Analog Equipment in a long time.

KPulling's picture

Very nice, very nice indeed !

mbrcrrll's picture

i want to win this soo bad!!!

oldnehamkin's picture

now i can play my supremes sing the songs from funny girl record again!

Back2Vinyl's picture

I'm shelving the CDs and other digital audio formats for a return to the fidelity of vinyl. I need a great turntable and cartridge setup and VPI RULES!....:-) I would love to pair this with my tube amp, a phono stage and my open baffle speakers....:-) 

rudirudi's picture

Thanks in advance for choosing me.

TMiller's picture

Nice rig. Hope I win.

Rockchild's picture

A nice unit with nice slick lines that would look good in my place! :D

davidlillis@mac.com's picture

Would love to win this!

JHCain's picture

Chicken Dinner!

labjr's picture

I'm in. Vinyl rules!

-Ben's picture

Great looking table!!

deauguie's picture

Would LOVE to compare this to my Scout.  All that's needed is to let me win and ship to me!!!



NeoSoulGroove's picture

My old turntable is dying slowly.....Thorens TD160. This would be a great replacement.

sotnap's picture

this is what my vinyl as been waiting for woooooow cant wait till i recieve my gifts thank u very very  much

RickL738's picture

I can't catch a break. I can't even catch a cold !

Cool prizes the last few months, and they seem to be getting better ! Wonder what's next ? Not that I have a snowflakes chance in he"double hockey sticks" of winning anything anytime soon !

Great promotional ideas Mikey !

Hawkeye666's picture

Wow, great combo of table and cart. This would make such a significant upgrade from my Debut III with speedbox and acrylic platter. Please count me in for this sweepstake.

tminderm's picture

Great opportunity for a great combination.

Vinylized's picture

Love the design......................

Marie's picture

Got laid off 2 years ago... Took away my hopes of getting "back into" Vinyl.

This would be a great way!

TheBottomline's picture

I should be so lucky"

Jkanaan's picture

Analog playback is amazingly interesting. The connections we make as listeners to the music seem to be intensified with analog playback formats.  Maybe it's because we are more involved with the actual playback process - we need to flip the records, we need to clean the records, we generally always think of how to tweak out or turntable, etc, etc. For some it's a means of escape (I, at times, include myself in this category) from the harsh realities the "real-world" throws at us on a daily bases.  For others it is a way of life (again, I include myself in this category as well), those who dream of turntables and all the beautiful accessories which we can tweak out on. The reasons why we love analog playback are so numerous it’s wonderful.  And now we have a chance to win a turntable setup most of dream of...how cool is that?  In my book...it's pretty damn cool indeed.  For all who have entered, I wish you all the best...whoever get this setup...let us all know the beauty you hear. Let’s keep this website rockin' and rollin'...we need an online spot we can trust and call home for us analog junkies...

(Please note: I thought I had entered before, but couldn't find my posting, most likely user (my) error, but if it is there, please do not think I am trying to enter twice...)

maya's picture

:D :D :D

KPulling's picture

Very nice.

jrobinson's picture

Nice package!

hellhound94's picture

Yeah, I'd be glad to accept delivery of the VPI Traveller!

audio60's picture

Winning this package will be a great way to get back into vinyl.

cptdrt's picture

People often ask me what life is like on my planet...I send them here.

gerald harrington's picture

Oooh, my hair's getting good n the back...

michaeloney's picture

this would make me happy!

jasonkatner's picture

I need that turntable, and I never win anything. 

rl's picture

Hello everyone!  Good luck to all.  What great fun to be in the running for this beauty. Neat idea to add Mr Fremer's set-up expertise.  Hoping to breathe new life into and get back more from a couple thousand vinyl friends of mine.smiley

fiordav's picture

Beautiful looking VPI turntable and Dynavector cartridge. Can't wait to hear it in my home! 

Dobro910's picture

On My New VPI/Dynavector front end!  Thanks for all you do, I check in a couple of times a week for some great album reviews and equipment advice.

poseidonsvoice's picture

Looking forward to vinyl in the future...

Pato's picture

 I think this should be a wonderful combo. I hope to be the winner...

nd_elms's picture


Tullman's picture

This would be a nice upgrade for my 25 year old daughter.

seaotter's picture

Would love, love, love to win this. Good luck to all entrants.

straylight's picture

I'm in.

record collector news's picture

I'm clean!

And random!

Awesome website

kewilson7's picture

I love my VPI Super Scoutmaster Signature, but it'd be cool to own another VPI like this one...or even give it to a friend as a gift.  Hope I win!

Dave WV's picture

We've got provisions and lots of beer -- the key word is survival on the New Frontier.

ph1900's picture

MaxH's picture

Surfs up


666eyes's picture

Would make my year if I won this! My 70's Pioneer 530 just died and I'm too broke for a proper upgrade! :)


Shaizada's picture

I don't remember if I entered this contest already.  If not, please consider this my entry.  Thanks!

Lelolee's picture

Looks good to me.

RobWynn's picture

Very sweet deal.  Yet another reason for me to check this site daily.  Here's to me and my chances!

timosmith's picture

please, please, please!

monk211's picture

Viva la vinyl!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARCSP8MkII's picture

   It would be wonderful to win this VPI/Dynavector combination. My current turntable/catridge combination is 30 years old and I'm certain that my system could be bettered by adding such a fine set-up. My 1000+ LP's would sound even better, being played by a new cartridge on a new part of their surface. Ah, perchance to dream.

trahretxed's picture

Finally something that will do my Chipmunks collection justice.

upsetter801's picture

For this generous opportunity (and for your work on Tron!).

robert malinka's picture

A great turntable that would fit perfectly with my analog vinyl collection and I would greatly appreciate the equipment contribution to my audio system.


RC's picture

Sign me up - need a new rig, so I can hand down old one!

aerial7's picture

Would love this TT/Cartridge combination--Hope I win

eric1920's picture

Would love it if I won, need a turntable to play a giant archive of vinyl i've inherited from my folks.

bhutton13's picture

Love the site

empirelvr's picture

I would love a chance to win this package.  smiley

sweatpantsmoney's picture

Awesome contest, I hope I win!  :)

alippinc's picture

Good luck to me!

dotwacky's picture

Sounds great to me. Please count me in.

mikedenver's picture

Great site, and notalotta shmunda!!

Here's an even cheaper way to adjust azimuth: take a dual RCA male to RCA female phono Y cable (RadioShack 4202535), cut, reverse and solder one of the leads, then listen to a mono test track like Cardas side 2, and adjust the cartridge for minimal sound output. This works for me until that digital microscope comes along!

Pjoe's picture

If I don't win I'll probably whine about it and then have some wine about it

and then I'll be fine about it.

BillyShears's picture

VPI-Good stuff!

thatbobfella's picture

....the ol' Bose 601's....

om05964's picture

Needing a new turntable, this would be very nice.