Walk the Halls of Bangkok BAV High-end 2015 Show on Set-up Day (Video Now Active)

Wednesday was set-up day so I walked the halls and entered the rooms to shoot some video.

Not saying this is the most exciting footage you'll see but if you're interested to see what a hi-fi show looks like in an exotic location like Bangkok, here it is:

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heaven, look at those yellow dg records.

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Who would have imagined say, 15-20 years ago that at a hi-fi show in Bangkok in 2015 there would be such an enormous amount of records available to browse through.

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If you get a chance see if you can interview Llyod Walker, would make for a fascinating conversation.

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Spoke for quite some time but not for an interview.
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I love the fitted carpet.

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For reasons I do not fully understand, all hi-fi shows take place in the drabbest, stuck-in-the-70s hotels. Last one I went to was at the Brooklyn Marriott and they do not come more yellow oak, brass handrails and grandma's house coat colored rugs and bed covers than that hotel. The Landmark in Bangkok appears, according to their website, more modern in guest rooms but has the same tawdriness in public areas.

This cannot be good for attracting a younger audience or even an older one who is not totally checked out of life. Now, 10-15 years ago there were not perhaps better choices but today, with the boutique hotel movement, the world is teeming with venues worthy of Architectural Digest (more like the Metropolis mag, as AR itself is a bit stuck in the 70s).

An alternatve thought. In Las Vegas, there is a "Furniture Mart." Manufacturers rent permanent show rooms there. The whole place is open during shows at certain times of the year and individual galleries are also accessible by appointment. Given the scarcity of remaining hi-fi shops, a similar place for hi-fi could be a Mecca for audiophiles. Unlike a show at a hotel, each room could be custom fitted with wall treatments and furniture to provide a better auditioning environment.

Obviously cost is an issue but I do know that in the case of furniture makers, it is cheaper to keep a permant space year around than set up for a week at the LV convention center.

Now that you are sold on the idea, where would you like me to build it?

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Here is what Paul Rodgers said in the interview...

Rock Cellar Magazine: Both Deluxe Editions are out on vinyl as well. Paul Rodgers: I have to say, all vinyl is not created equal. It needs to be copied form the tape, not digital to get the full range of sound. What some people are doing now is they’re jumping on the vinyl bandwagon and they’re taking from digital and putting in on vinyl. Rock Cellar Magazine: That’s so backwards. Paul Rodgers: Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. It’s gotta come from tape, But these vinyl Deluxe Editions come from the tape. You get two LPs; one of the original album and one of all the outtakes so if anybody had worn the original out they can have the vinyl again. I’m pleased with the record company and the way they’ve handled everything. It’s been very very good.

I have my doubts about the above because the LP sleeve has remastered by Jon Astley in 2014 from original master tapes and half-speed mastered by Miles Showell. Methinks the original master tapes were remastered to digital and this was used to cut the half speed LP. Just saying!

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Paul was wrong and you are correct. I doubt Paul was lying. He was probably misled AS WILL BE MOST BUYERS. We are going to have to put an end to this nonsense.
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Did you happen to see any of those "meticulously mastered" Friday Music lps in any of those bins? You know, the ones by that famous Mastering Engineer J.R.??

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But worse is that I see them for sale on the websites of our favorite online sellers. i talk to them about this and they say they have to sell them because customers buy and are satisfied. I think that's a putrid answer myself.
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Michael I would recommend their recent 45rpm remaster of the "Yes Album", their releases have been of a higher quality as of late (the Grateful Dead "Go To Heaven" I picked up recently was fantastic as well) I'd give them a second shot

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Dear Mr. Fremer,
Please don't be angry at my suggestions, but consider ditching your GoPro (I suppose this is still the one you use, attached to your head) for a camera with image stabilization, like the Sony RX-100. Your videos shake so much they're are difficult to watch. To paraphrase the song: every step you take I'll be watching you. Also please consider not using dissolves to cut between takes. Dissolves are to video editing what 80's saxophones are to pop music: corny. Also in interviews, like the great one you did with Don Was, it's a good idea to have a microphone close to the subject, as the camera mike never does the job. Again, please don't be angry, but as a fan and daily reader of your blog, please consider these suggestions. Thanks

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I noticed one of your talks was called 10 Record to Die For.
For those of us who couldn't make it to Bangkok would you be kind enough to spill the beans on the list?

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Mike, do you have a calendar for your workshops and speaking engagements? I travel quite a bit to Europe and Asia and would have definitely popped over to Bangkok (one of my favorite cities) to see the show if I had known ahead of time.

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I have nothing planned in either Europe or Asia in the near future... I was hoping to attend the Hong Kong show this August but that hasn't materialized...