WallyTools Are Back From The New WAM Engineering

WAM Engineering's new universal WallyTractor is now available from the newly formed company, a partnership between the late Wally Malewicz's son Andrzej, himself a mechanical engineer and Wally's former production assistant J.R. Boisclair. They've just launched the Wallyanalog website where you will find complete details of the new $395 universal WallyTractor and the available services the Santa Rosa, CA based company provides.

More re-imagined Wally set-up tools will follow, but as with this one they will remain true to Wally's ideas. The new universal alignment gauge features a host of new features including two sets of curves, one for if your records are mostly older and one for a newer record collection where the cut doesn't tend to go so close to the label. All of this is explained on the website.

AnalogPlanet is very excited by this development and will be trying the Wallytractor shortly and will report on the results.

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Will the new company actually deliver products for which payment has been made? Will I get a credit for the $400 I sent 7 years ago but never received the tools for which I paid?

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I find I land with you. The very name of this product carries such negative connotation that I can't get past it.

"Well, Bernie Madoff yielded fiscal benefit for me, so what's the issue?"

I watched people struggle for years to get refunded, get the product, or even get an "F you" from Wally to the point that I hoped never to see the name associated with my hobby again. (There are zero adequate 'excuses' for his BS.)

"But I knew him and he was a nice guy and I got my goods" doesn't float it for me, either.

I would recommend that if people still want the goods, order COD or use credit cards that allow the buyer to kill the charge if the products don't arrive as promised. That way, you might get the product, and the seller gets the business, but also has to face the notion that people caught onto the fraud associated with the name.

Just protect yourselves, fellow Analog Planet residents!

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For all of his talents and charm, Wally struggled to stay organized his entire life. After he passed away, a surprisingly large number of un-deposited checks were found amongst the volumes of clutter in his home. I cannot know what payments were deposited but unfulfilled by a requisite product shipment - if any at all. Despite my many offers over the years to help him get organized, the answer was always the same: "Yes, later." Later never came. He carried a great deal of shame that he had disappointed and angered other audiophiles.

I would like to speak with you about your problematic transaction with Wally. Please reach out to me via the website so we may have a chat. I am sorry that you - and others - feel aggrieved by Wally's inability to master the operational side of his business. I can assure you that WAM Engineering is now operating very differently and, yes, payment by credit card online - with the protections it offers - is no problem at all.

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It would be advantageous to include video tutorials for each product.

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Stay tuned to the website. More to come including videos on setup and tweaking.

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I finally received my Rega WallyTractor. When repeated attempts to get ahold of Wally got me nowhere, I contacted MF. He talked to Wally on my behalf (thanks mate!), who eventually sent it to me. By that time I had sold the Rega! So I sold the tractor too, but have the extra Wally product I received from WM as a gesture of an apology. It's hard to be mad at a guy who, though brilliant, just doesn't have it together. I've known a couple of guys like that, one a songwriter of great talent, whose head was more in the clouds than on the ground. I think Mozart was like that, wasn't he?

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I’m using arm/cartridge specific arc protractors which I do myself. I can honestly say that a dedicated protractor for your arm/cartridge really make a difference.
if you’re lucky enough to find exact effective length on this Wally Tractor it can be an arm/cartridge specific arc protractor for your setup too. even if you can not find the exact effective length on the tractor you can still get a setup better than most of the protractors can do on the market. if I’m not mistaken by the pictures it additionally concentrates on zenith alignment which is very crucial for perfect setup. from my point of view getting perfect zenith angle is the first important thing to do cause when you measure you can see that it increases or decreases IMD figures dramatically. I haven’t seen that kind of impact on distortion figures on azimuth or VTA alignments. I guess Wally Tractor is one of the best optical setup tools.
on the other hand like all the optical setup tools it can only take you very close to a perfect setup. I experienced that in order to get a really perfect setup it is necessary to use measuring software with dedicated test records. they’re expensive but they worth it.

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Received my Rega WallyTractor years ago and promptly lost it before I ever used it. Most recently received a VPI specific 258mm Tractor from Wally leftovers.

Would love to see the Skater so I don't have to read arguments about how to set antiskate. I heard it's in the works.

I thought that was a thoughtful if not classy response to the post by Mondri88n.


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I talked with JR at length about past problems with customers not getting products they ordered and can say that he is very genuine on his commitment on delivering quality tools. Wally was a brilliant Engineer but was not a business man at heart [ duh] Very time I talk with him was like opening up a new world. Tools are designed in sound engineering & JR is forth right

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but Bruce L may have coined a new descriptive phrase for all audiophile accessory purchases!

Many fine, decent and disgustingly talented artisans, trades folks, and professional type folks make atrocious business people. They are their own worst enemy. Such seems to have been the case with Wally.

Guilt by association is fraught with pitfalls. Until proven unworthy I tend to give folks and companies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to credibility and honesty. Since the company's namesake and product line derive from the deceased Wally giving the new owners/company a little slack combined with the use of a credit card to pay for their purchase should give adequate protection for the wary.

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Back in 2010 (Stereophile vol 33 no. 3)Keith Howard recommends 58mm (not the IEC standard of 60.325) as "a good practical figure" to use, along with 146.o5 when calculating inner and outer null points. In the September 2020 Stereophile in the review of the new Wallytractor, there is mention of using different numbers for innermost grooves for "new" vs "old" records, but with no recommended numbers. Because setting different inner and outer groove points changes the null points (along with overhang, offset angle, and distortion numbers for any given tonearm length), I would be curious to know what others are using (of course including you Michael)

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...and one that I will do a video on in the near future for our WallyTools YouTube channel.

The "new record collection" arcs assume a 145mm outermost groove and a 68mm innermost groove. Read more about it in the WallyTractor instructions (downloadable on the website) or read here: https://www.wallyanalog.com/post/9-arm-12-arm.

Thanks for asking! More to come.

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After all the headaches trying to setup a TT using single null-point tools and a high cost competitor, I bought the WallyTractor. I never have been able to set zenith correctly until this tool. The enclosed magnifying glass is quite good. And, I was surprised that after I it appeared I had the cartridge aligned given the stylus sat in the outer groove perfectly, checking an inner groove proved I didn't have it set correctly. The mirrored surface and ability to ensure I am able to account for a parallax error proved I was viewing the cantilever & stylus straight on. I am glad I did my homework before pulling the trigger on this too. Highly recommended.