Want to Buy a Used Record Store? One's For Sale on Ebay!

Tim Derbyshire opened On The Beat Records in 1979 on Hanway Street, near Tottenham Court Road in London. Now he's put it up for sale on Ebay. Asking price: £300,000.

The music magazine arm of The Vinyl Factory, a UK pressing plant once called PortalSpace Records that now bills itself as "an independent British music and arts enterprise (that) encompasses a record label, vinyl pressing plant, gallery spaces, record shop and music magazine" recently interviewed Mr. Derbyshire.

I'm sure Analogplanet.com readers will find it of interest.

After looking at the photos and considering the asking price I'm reminded of the hapless Paul Mawhinney and his "million dollar" collection but maybe it's just a bit "disorganized"?

Stu Morgenstern's picture

how much for shipping to Connecticut?

Roy Edelsack's picture

...my missing copy of "Ton-Ton Macoute!"

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If I had enough money to buy this and still live comfortable assuming the store would break even, I would love to buy it and move from Cleveland to London. As A kid I always wanted to own a record store. When I was old enough, the industry changed and vinyl was almost dead (the 90s). Now that it's coming back, maybe I should persue my childhood dream.

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Let's hope whoever buys it keeps it as a record shop. My local one in North London has closed its doors (adieu, RetroBloke!) and gone entirely online to save money, and that's in a part of London where property's a hell of a lot cheaper than where 'On the Beat' is situated.

The next nearest one to where I live is about an hour's journey away, and that's only when the London Underground is behaving itself.

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It includes the premises apparently which may be worth the price given the ridiculous London property market.