Watch the Trailer For Dave Grohl's Upcoming "Sound City" Rockumentary

Everything from Nevermind to Damn the Torpedoes was recorded at Sound City. Everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Neil Young recorded there. Now analog tape based Sound City is gone. What a shame.

Here's the URL for the trailer to Dave Grohl's rockumentary tribute to the late great San Fernando Valley hole in the wall recording studio from whence came so much great music and great sounding records, Sound City

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I've watched it at Sundance and it's very-very interesting piece of movie! I recomend it to every audiophile. It's a about a true All-analog studio.

And soundtrack is awesome, it countains of 100% original songs from McCartney, Grohl, Nicks, Reznor and many other fabolous performers.



Soundtrack Vinyl

Soundtrack CD

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In the trailer a quote was how recording digitally allows the artist to not have to be good because they can slice up the audio and fix to be perfect in post production... Well I have an analogy for this. Up here in Vancouver, Canada a sports talk show host Don Taylor often notes that when he is talking about social scene/celebs with his side kick that  when they talk about celebs having plastic surgery  to try to look younger, that they do not look younger after such but that they look like they have had plastic surgery.

Well that is what the messing around with recorded music in the digital post production realm is akin to. No, it does not sound perfect nor better as a result, but it sounds sliced and diced and with no soul.

Real talent be it a vocalist,  a musical instrument player, a conductor and the  recording engineers  and such, produce audio that moves one's soul, warms one's heart and puts one into another place in their mind. So no  freaking messing  around with audio in the digital domain  and a host of other digital crap can  ever  fix up NO TALENT BUMS!

Way too many no talent bums in the music world today.

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A must-see for any audio buff. Grohl does a spectacular job of conveying how much great sound has to do with any recording. I'm also glad to see so many artists talking about it throughout. Can't wait to get the soundtrack on vinyl!

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I've been a sound engineer for 27 years and this was one docummentary that actually spoke to me. I've been fortunate to work in an all analog world and I'll have to admit that on the recording side we really have lost something.

I see engineers and producers getting so wrapped up with fixing rhings in the digital world it really distracts from the final product. As this docummentary states, there is something about a group of people going into a room and interacting and just banging it out, and having a great room and an absolutely priceless hand built classic Neve console to record on helps.

What impresses me most is the labour of love that Dave Grohl has bestowed on this project. Here is an artist that digs his craft and has chosen to approach technology in a very human way. Let's hope that engineers and producers take this docummentary to heart.

Long live Analog.

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This is an amazing documentary for any musicians, This film will be presented every day during the Montreal HiFi Show (Salon Son & Image) with the blessing of the producer, on a high performance home theater system. I believe that the more musicians that watch this movie, the more good productions will come out of studios.