"For What It's Worth" With Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein Premiers Thursday February 21st at 10 PM on VH1 Classic

The long awaited announcement came today of VH1 Classic's new television series "For What It's Worth" starring Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein. The series premiers Thursday February 21st, 2013 and will continue weekly on Thursday evenings through March.

The show is a look at collectibles and collectors of everything from vinyl, to action figures to musical instruments.

The dynamic Howard Stern show duo visits Jack White's Third Man Record on the season opener. Week two features a hair collection (!) and a look at United Record Pressing in Nashville where perhaps those of us who know what to look for will be able to see what contributes to their spotty pressing quality.

Week three is a visit to the fantastic Michael Ochs Photo Archives and a look at Paul Mawhinney's so-called million dollar record collection. That one should be interesting since everyone I know who's seen it says it's been picked over and isn't worth anything close to the teary eyed asking price.

Week four features visits to "Old Sled Works" and some so-called "audiophile" idiot named Michael Fremer who thinks records sound better than CDs and who actually thinks cables make a sonic difference. That should be a hoot.

The next week is devoted to "History For Hire" a props service that has the most amazing collection of everything for rent to the entertainment industry. And finally on week six a visit to Amoeba Records and The Azarian Collection. Not sure why one celled life forms need vinyl but the Azarian Collection should be incredible to see.

Here's a short promo video (after the obligatory commercial).

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do you mean the premier date is Thursday Feb 14th?

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Sorry. It's the 21st as in the headline. I'm mathlexic.

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The link is not downloading, Michael!

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 just tried it and it worked 4 me.....

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BaBa Booey!