Zappa Classics "Freak Out" and "Over-Nite Sensation" Coming From Universal Music-Zappa Records—Along With Never Before Released "Finer Moments"

Universal's new reissues of Frank Zappa's Freak Out and Over-Nite Sensation coming on Zappa Records mid-June, mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Good news! Even better news will be the first issue of Finer Moments from 1973, originally intended for vinyl release.

Even better news: all of these titles will be pressed at Pallas in Germany.

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Great news. I hope it keeps going with more releases. Looking forward to finally being able to listen to new Zappa vinyl.

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or are they remasters of Zappa's 1980s reworkings of his earlier albums?  (Which we were told at the time was done in part due to the poor condition of the original masters)

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Initially, I thought Zappa had re-recorded tracks on a number of his earlier albums, but have read it was only Ruben and The Jets and We're Only in it for the Money.  So hopefully these will be from original masters, though I have originals of each.  Over-night Sensation is a curiously dark sounding album, almost like there is a light blanket over the whole mix (both on my US original and German pressing), will be interesting to see how the reissue sounds.

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If they are handling the Freak Out and Over-Nite Sensation vinyl like the CD reissues are being handled, I think we are in for a treat. I've got originals of both, and I'm considering investing in these beauties as well. The new CDs are sourced from analog masters whenever possible, and the mastering job is really good...almost as good as the orignal vinyl. Finer Moments is available now, and it's pretty sweet.

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If the vinyl follows from the Universal CD reissues, then Freak Out will still remain the partial digital remix from the 80s that was forever after used on all CD versions. The only way to have the original vinyl mix of Freak Out is to purchase a special Zappa Family Trust release called MOFO, or the original vinyl itself. This digital remaster in some respects is an improvement on the original mix and at least uses all of the original tracks (no re-recorded bass and drums here). It is probably one of the least detectably tampered-with remixes,to these ears. Overnite via the Universal CD reissues IS now the original restored vinyl mix, so it should be that way on the vinyl.  

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I tried the new pressing of Freak Out. It's flat and quiet but compressed and lacking clear separation of the instruments. If you don't have a good original this is fine. I compared the new one to a UK pressing from the 1970s, no contest, the UK is much better, more depth and clarity on my system. But a not a real apples to apples comparison. I would love to hear any takes on Over-Nite Sensation